Windows WF

The /n software Workflow Activities provide robust, enterprise-ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer for Windows Workflow Foundation.


Built on top of the award-winning IP*Works! libraries, each Activity includes multiple operations enabling you to integrate a full range of Internet capabilities into your Workflow packages.

The following Activities are currently available in this release:


  • Support for Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation.
  • Fully-managed .NET Activities written in pure C#.
  • Fully-integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.

For more information about Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, go to

Workflow Activities

The /n software WCF Channels consist of fully-managed .NET Activities that integrate with Windows Communication Foundation. The Channels extend the features of WCF with advanced Internet communications and secure messaging capabilities, providing robust enterprise ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer.

Internet Communications Workflow Activities:

Compression & Encryption Workflow Activities:

  • Zip Activity - Implements a PKZip-compatible zip compressor and decompressor.
  • Gzip Activity - UNIX compatible (LZW/LZC) Gzip compression.
  • Tar Activity - Tar archive Pipeline. Compatible with the UNIX tar and untar utilities.
  • Bzip2 Activity - BZip2 compliant compression/decompression.
  • AES Activity - 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit AES Encryption/Decryption.
  • Zcompress Activity - LZC (UNIX Compress) compressor and decompressor.

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