Mule Connectors

The /n software Connectors for MuleSoft include pure Java Connectors & Modules which provide robust, enterprise-ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, & file transfer.

Mule Connectors]

Enterprise Mule Connectors

The /n software Connectors for MuleSoft are pure Java Connectors and Modules that seamlessly extend Mulesoft's functionality - complete with built-in, enterprise-ready web connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer.


  • Support for Mule 3 and Mule 4.
  • Pure Java Connectors and Modules.
  • Comprehensive support for all modern cryptographic algorithms.
  • Optimized for high-performance file transfer and processing.
  • Support for major EDI protocols, including AS2, AS4, and OFTP.
  • Built on the trusted core IP*Works! product.
  • Flexible configuration allows frustration-free connectivity to any FTP or SFTP server.

Internet Communications

Encryption & Compression:

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Mule Connectors includes everything needed to add Secure Messaging to any application - on any platform or development technology.

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