SFTP Drive Feature Comparison

SFTP Drive is free for limited, non-commercial use. Paid licensing provides access to exclusive features that extend those of the free version. Below is a comparison of features offered by both license types.

Free (Non-Commercial) Paid Full Version
View any SFTP Server as a Local Drive
Configure Multiple Drives
Multifactor Authentication
Hardware Key (PKCS#11) Authentication
Modern Algorithm Support
Advanced Logging Capabilities
Highly Performant Caching Mechanisms
Import or Export Drive Settings
Import sites from FileZilla
Import profiles from PuTTY
Handle Case-Sensitive Filenames
Free Email Support
Run on a Windows Server
Run as a Windows Service
Command-Line Management
Shared Drive Management1
Isolated Drive Management2
Number of Connected Drives 1 Unlimited

1 Allows drives to be shared among all local users or only available to the current user.

2 Allows settings to be isolated to the local user. This mode interacts with Shared Drives as described here: https://cdn.nsoftware.com/help/ND2/app/pg_isolatedmode.htm

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