SFTP Drive FUSE Quick Start


SFTP Drive FUSE is an easy-to-use command line application that allows you to work with remote files as if they are local. SFTP Drive FUSE allows for creation of multiple mount points and was designed with performance and security in mind.


Before using the application, be sure that .NET 6 or higher and FUSE 2 are installed on the system. For RedHat/CentOS derivative distributions, run the following commands:

sudo yum install dotnet-sdk-6.0 sudo yum install fuse-libs

For Debuan/Ubuntu derivative distributions, run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install dotnet-sdk-6.0 sudo apt-get install libfuse2


Connecting to a server is designed to be simple. The connection details may be provided as command line arguments or via configuration file. The following command is all that is necessary to mount a drive.

dotnet sftpdrive.dll start user@hostname /local/folder

Please note that the local folder must be empty. A remote folder can be specified by using the syntax user@hostname:/remote/folder. For further reading on additional command-line options and examples please run the below command.

dotnet sftpdrive.dll help

Another way to start the drive is to specify the connection details using a configuration file in ini format. The following command is all that is necessary to mount a drive via configuration file.

dotnet sftpdrive.dll start -c config.ini

Example Configuration

Here is an example configuration file with the minimal settings needed to mount a drive. The settings below can be found in our online documentation or by exporting the configuration from the Windows version of SFTP Drive.

[AppInfo] Name="SFTPDrive" [Drives\fusedrive] AuthType=1 CertStore="/home/test/test_key.ppk" CertStorePassword="test" CertStoreType=14 CertSubject="*" DriveLetter="Last available" Enabled=True Host="" Name="fusedrive" Port=22 Protocol=0 RemoteRoot="User's home" RemoteRootType=1 Username="root"

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