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/n software /n software Update [Vol. 2 2016]   

Red Carpet Update Vol. 2 2016

Major Updates this Volume:

Red Carpet Subscriptions Vol. 2 2016
Welcome To The Red Carpet Subscription Update!

The updates to the IP*Works! 2016 core continue and the release of IP*Works! 2016 is only weeks away. The latest betas include across the board enhancements to major communications components, improvements for XML & JSON, new certificate management features, and much more. As a reminder, IP*Works! 2016 will replace IP*Works! SSL moving forward, and will include all of the powerful communications and security capabilities of both suites.

In other news, we are happy to announce our recent acquisition of EldoS, developers of a wide range of data protection, secure storage, and file system virtualization technologies. The EldoS engineers are already hard at work helping us to deliver new security and data protection features to our Red Carpet Subscriptions.

Other updates include the release of the Scripting Integrator, new Editions of the X12 & EDIFACT Integrators, remote connectivity updates to the QuickBooks Integrator, new AS4 & Cloud Storage BizTalk Adapters, and more.

Latest Releases & Announcements:

/n software Acquires EldoS

/n software Acquires EldoS

We are excited to welcome the EldoS team to /n software. The addition of EldoS will enable us to deliver new and exciting data protection, storage, and system virtualization tools to our customers. Read the latest press release to learn more about this exciting announcement.

Scripting Integrator

Scripting Integrator

Extend applications with dynamic scripting capabilities. Includes a powerful set of fully-embeddable scripting components that enable developers to extend apps with support for scripting through JavaScript, PowerShell, etc.

IP*Works / SSL 2016

IP*Works! & IP*Works! SSL 2016 [BETA 2]

The IP*Works! 2016 Betas have arrived! This release includes a vast collection of updates and enhancements that improve the facilities of almost every component. In addition, IP*Works! 2016 consolidates IP*Works! and IP*Works! SSL into a single comprehensive component suite.

X12 & EDIFACT Integrators

X12 & EDIFACT Integrators

Build applications that integrate Internet EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) parsing and message generation. New Editions of X12 & EDIFACT Integrators are now available for native C++, COM, Delphi, C++ Builder, Linux, Mac, and iOS development.

Additional Public Betas:

IP*Works! RTC: Real-Time Communications Components

.NET, Java, ActiveX, Delphi, Builder, C++ (Win/ Unix / Mac), iPhone, Android OS, etc.

Enable real-time communications through NAT via popular RTC protocols like RUDP, STUN, TURN, ICE, etc. Allow applications to overcome many of the challenges in communicating with on-premise applications through a firewall.

If there are any features, enhancements, or additional components that you would like to see added to future releases, please let us know by completing the feature request form online at http://www.nsoftware.com/feedback/.

Product Updates

In addition to the new releases and beta products, we are excited to announce the following updates:

Our engineers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the IP*Works! 2016 core. Now is the time to let us know what features you would like to see included in the IP*Works! 2016 release. Keep an eye out in the next few months for new improvements like OData V4 support, SOAP Security extensions, new Certificate management capabilities, and more!

Please send us your feedback by email to support@nsoftware.com, we would love to hear from you.

Update ISOs Available Online

We release subscription volumes approximately once a quarter. These releases update and upgrade all of the /n software products with the latest service updates. All of the products have undergone rigorous QA testing specifically for this quarterly subscription release. Red Carpet Subscribers maintain online access to quarterly DVD ISO images through the online subscription manager. To download the latest ISO, please log in to the Subscription Manager at www.nsoftware.com/subscriptions/subscriptions.aspx.

Thank you for your continued support!

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