Capita Case Study

Capita Children's Services employs /n software's SQL Server SSIS tasks

Capita's PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Adopts /n software's IPWorks EDI AS2 Components
For Secure E-Business Communications

"We wanted to be able to leverage a proven solution that would integrate with our existing technology, rather than forcing us to take on the cost burden of developing a solution in-house... /n software's SQL Server SSIS Tasks allowed us to integrate secure file transfer natively in our SSIS packages, without requiring us to install and manage additional software."

- Christopher Ford, Capita CS Sector Marketing Manager

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The Challenge

  • Integrating secure file transfer capabilities without maintaining additional software
  • Accomplishing the integration of secure file transfer capabilities quickly and easily, without writing a single line of code.

The Solution

  • Integrate /n software SSIS Tasks into existing SQL Server SSIS Workflow's development environment.
  • Fully integrated into SQL Server, the SSIS tasks enable rapid secure file transfer integration without the need to install and maintain expensive 3rd party applications.

The Result

  • Use /n software's IPWorks EDI / AS2 engine which already encapsulates the AS2 protocol logic and security, to reliably transmit documents between trading partners.
  • Embed the eBusinessReadyâ„¢ certified IPWorks EDI / AS2 engine into the PeopleSoft PeopleTools integration broker gateway, providing fully integrated AS2 communications.