Lieberman Case Study

Lieberman Connects with SAP via /n software ERP Integrator

Lieberman Software Corporation leverages /n software ERP Integrator to bridge their award-winning identity management and security solutions with SAP NetWeaver.

"The /n software ERP Integrator for SAP made working with SAP dramatically easier, and enabled us to bootstrap our initial integration in less than a week. While the SAP documentation is notoriously complex and confusing the samples and documentation from /n software were straightforward and helped us build our solution quickly."

- Philip Lieberman, President, Lieberman Software

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The Challenge

  • Allow authorized SAP users access to privileged user accounts in a secure and audited manner, a functional requirement of security auditors and regulators.
  • Seamlessly integrate SAP connectivity across supported platforms and technologies.
  • Deliver new SAP functionality quickly to meet aggressive release timelines.

The Solution

  • Use the /n software ERP Integrator for SAP as an API / protocol bridge between SAP systems and Lieberman Software products.
  • Leverage easy-to-use component interfaces, support resources, demos, and documentation to quickly deliver new functionality and take advantage of market opportunities.

The Result

  • Rapid integration of SAP NetWeaver. Integrated new capabilities in under 2 weeks leveraging the /n software SAP components.
  • Extensible design enabling Lieberman Software to easily add additional functionality as customers gain familiarity with SAP integration.