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New IP*Works! RTC for Real-Time Communications

Enable real-time communications through NAT via popular RTC protocols like RUDP, STUN, TURN, ICE, etc. Allow applications to overcome many of the challenges in communicating with on-premise applications through a firewall.

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IP*Works! IPC Released

Components for interprocess communication (IPC) through Named Pipes. Includes client, server, and external process execution components for simple peer-to-peer communication between processes.

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Box & DropBox added to Cloud Storage Integrator

A set of easy-to-use file and document storage components for integrating with popular cloud repositories like OneDrive, Amazon, Google Drive, Sharepoint, and now and Dropbox.

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New Editions of X12 & EDIFACT Integrators

All new editions of the X12 & EDIFACT Integrators are now available natively for C++, ActiveX/COM, Delphi, PHP, and more!

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Visual Studio 2015 Support added across .NET Editions!

Updates for all .NET Editions are now available with support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

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