Email Adapter Comparison

Compare the /n software Email Adapter to the Microsoft BizTalk Email capabilities

The /n software Email Adapter for BizTalk offers many features beyond the Email support offered by the Microsoft Adapters.

/n software
Email Adapter
Email Adapter
Email Receiving Features
IMAP protocol.
Save attachments to disk.
Move Files (IMAP) after retrieval.
Download only the plain-text message part.
Persistent connections.
Include or Exclude message headers.
Delete Mode setting.
Implicit and Explicit SSL.
Supported Authentication Basic, Digest, NTLM, APOP, SASL Basic, Digest
Email Sending Features
SMTP Bcc support.
Persistent Connections.
HTML and plain-text messages.
Separate Reply To option.

The /n software Email Adapter offers unparalleled secure Email capabilities in a straightforward, easy to use, fully-managed BizTalk Adapter. The Email Adapter is actively used by major Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies world-wide to add secure and reliable Email messaging.

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