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Red Carpet Vol. 1 2023 Now Available

New Cloud SMS and IPWorks VoIP toolkits are available, PKI Proxy enables remote signing and encryption, and more. JAdES components added to SecureBlackBox. FIPS compliance is supported in S3 Drive, SFTP Drive, and SFTP Server.

Red Carpet Vol. 2 2022 Now Available

IPWorks 2022 toolkits are now available, featuring .NET Async, Delphi FMX, and more. FIPS compliance is supported in IPWorks SSH and the new IPWorks SSL toolkit.

Red Carpet Vol. 1 2022 Now Available

IPWorks and SecureBlackbox 2022 Betas are now available. Cloud Mail and SFTP Drive V3 are now shipping. Cloud Storage now includes support for ShareFile, and EDI validation functionality is now available in IPWorks X12 and IPWorks EDIFACT.

Red Carpet Vol. 2 2021 Now Available

JavaScript and macOS editions are now shipping across the board. Cloud Keys, S3 Drive, and AES Drive are now available, and SecureBlackbox 2020 has been updated with a number of new features.

Hosting Advice Feature on Virtual Drives

A feature article on details the increasing benefit of virtual drives provided by /n software. Read the full article to learn how SFTP Drive, AES Drive, and S3 Drive can help your organization.

Red Carpet Vol. 1 2021 Now Available

New Cloud Mail and Cloud Keys toolkits are available, BizTalk and SSIS support for IoT and Cloud Storage, SecureBlackbox 2020 has been updated with new components and functionality, and S3 Drive has been updated with write support.

Red Carpet Vol. 2 2020 Now Available

New IPWorks S3 toolkit is now shipping, SecureBlackbox 2020 has been updated with new components and platform support, Kotlin editions are now available across the board, and 18 new Mule Connectors have been added.

Red Carpet Vol. 1 2020 Now Available

IPWorks EDI 2020, IPWorks Cloud 2020, and SecureBlackbox 2020 are now shipping. New Qt editions are available across the board. Kotlin and JavaScript Betas are available for select products. New BizTalk, SSIS, and MuleSoft major version updates, including BizTalk 2020 support, are released. 3-D Secure 2.2, E-Payment Integrator 2020, and others are also shipping.

4D Payments acquires Shipping Integrator

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the Shipping Integrator product line by 4D Payments ( Acquisition will enable a better support experience for our growing Shipping Integrator customer base through an organization specializing in e-commerce and e-payments, helping /n software focus its full attention on building the best Communications and Security software components in the market. Read the press release to learn more.

Red Carpet Vol. 3 2019 Now Available

IPWorks 2020 products are now shipping. All .NET editions now support .NET Core 3.0. Python editions are now shipping for all IPWorks 2020 products. JavaScript editions are available for select products, SecureBlackbox 2020 Betas are now available, and 3-D Secure has been certified for 2.2.