Feature and Benefit Analysis

Give your team the tools they need to bring projects to market faster and under budget.

For Professional Developers and Solution Providers For Project Managers and Development Leads
A comprehensive suite of tools covering all major Internet Protocols, providing you with all the pieces you need to build connected applications. A consolidated connectivity solution from one trusted vendor acting as a virtual extension of your team and helping you finish projects faster and within budget.
Developed over a decade and used by tens of thousands of developers around the world who have helped shape the product into the easy-to-use, robust development toolkit presented to you today. Market-tested and market-proven enterprise-class components with an excellent track record, trusted by almost all Fortune 500s and thousands of independent developers worldwide.
A complete unified framework with a common easy-to-learn object model and simplified interfaces allowing you to be more productive, faster. Significantly reduce training costs and achieve significant time and productivity gains through a unified solution your team will feel at home with.
Fully integrated into all major IDEs including context-sensitive help, intellisense, and visual designer support, enabling you to work within the paradigms of your preferred development environment. Integrated components seamlessly extend the development tools your programmers are already used to working with, thus decreasing their learning curve and increasing their overall productivity.
Cross-platform components providing comprehensive native solutions with identical interfaces for all major platforms allowing you to easily project your development skills to another environment. A high degree of platform independence means that if your technology requirements change or expand, we are able to take you where you want to go with a minimum of disruption to your development cycle.
Rigorously tested, rock solid components that have undergone hundreds of thousands of hours of testing both internally by our QA team and externally through the hundreds of thousands of customer installations enable you to do your job without worrying about ours. Sharp focus on quality and exhaustive testing practices provide a stable foundation for your product's connectivity features. Years of operation in strict enterprise IT production environments add to the assurance that the components will perform as expected.
Based on a highly optimized exceptionally responsive asynchronous socket architecture, the components consume a minimum of system resources while providing a high degree of compatibility with existing systems. Predictable, reliable performance assures your product will perform within or exceed your customer's expectations. You are free to focus your energy on the business logic of your applications, not communications modules.
Unique automatic code generation technology from SGML documentation, tailored specifically to component development, enables 100% concordance between design, documentation, and final product. By automating the tedious, repetitive aspects of component development, we are free to focus our efforts into our core technology. For you this means a higher quality product at significantly lower cost.
Detailed reference documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully-indexed help files and an extensive online knowledge base make developing connected applications a relatively easy task, even if you have no previous experience with Internet protocols. Enabling connectivity features into your applications is easier, faster, and significantly less expensive with the right components, presented in the right format, and augmented with the right documentation, sample applications, and other learning tools.
All our products are backed by multi-tier professional support, including free email support and enterprise-level paid support. Combined with extensive sample applications and dynamic online help, our experienced support team goes the extra mile to help you when you need it. Support is not just a part of our business, support is our business. Our customers don't just buy software, they secure the ability to solve a problem at the present, together with assurances that the ability in question will be supported and maintained for them in the future. That's what we do.
Royalty-free licensing without cumbersome runtime checks allows you to focus on your code and avoid being sidetracked by licensing issues or concerns. Easy, straightforward licensing schemes, including royalty-free licensing, make your choice to use components an economical, easy to justify alternative to internal development.
Developer-friendly subscription licensing options give you the freedom to work where you want, how you want, and always be on the leading edge. Per-developer subscription licensing provides easier budgeting, significantly lower TCO, and freedom from administrative burdens related to corporate license management.