/n software - Beta Products

We are constantly working to add new technologies and functionality to our products. Below you will find the latest Beta editions of some of our upcoming products. Each new beta features a number of changes that enrich the feature set and enhance usability while also implementing the latest protocol and security functionality. If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you. Contact us anytime at support@nsoftware.com.

IP*Works! 2020 [Beta] ‐ 03/04/2019

  • LDAP extended with Active Directory specific functionality
  • JSON component supports editing JSON documents in-place
  • Firewall Auto-Detection improvements
  • OAuth Grant Type options
  • Detailed SSL logging
  • CertMgr and Certificate advanced functionality and cross-platform updates
  • TLS 1.3 Updates for Curve 25519 and Curve 448
  • And much more!

IP*Works! SSH 2020 [Beta] ‐ 03/04/2019

  • SSHDaemon support for fixed record lengths
  • SFTP support for querying remote drive space
  • SFTP Server functionality for events pre and post request
  • Algorithm updates for Curve 25519 support
  • Fingerprint hash algorithm support for SHA-256
  • Improved logging options

IP*Works! Encrypt 2020 [Beta] ‐ 03/04/2019

  • ECC Encryption and Decryption support (ECIES)
  • ECC updated for Curve 25519 and Curve 448 (EdDSA)
  • OAEP support for RSA and XMLEncrypt
  • OpenPGP updated for ECC algorithms
  • All ECC operations supported across all platforms
  • AES CTR mode support
  • New XSalsa20 component
  • New CMS component

IP*Works! Cloud 2020 [Beta] ‐ 03/04/2019

  • OneDrive for Business functionality
  • New Hadoop WebHDFS component
  • New GoogleStorage component
  • New Azure File Service component
  • Box updated to the latest API version
  • Google Team Drive support
  • Dropbox updated to the latest API version

IP*Works! SMIME 2020 [Beta] ‐ 03/04/2019

  • OAEP and PSS API support
  • Support for subject key identifiers
  • Automatic detect of Content-Type when signing
  • Usability updates for more flexibility

IP*Works! WS 2020 [Beta] ‐ 03/04/2019

  • Support for asynchronous sending from both client and server
  • MessageLength setting for asynchronous sends
  • Improved logging functionality
  • New Tunneling Options (coming soon)