AS2 Adapter Comparison

Compare the /n software AS2 Adapter to the Microsoft AS2 Adapter

The /n software AS2 Adapter for BizTalk offers many features beyond the Microsoft AS2 Adapter. The /n software AS2 Adapter has been available since early 2004 and has been evolving ever since into the robust and full-featured adapter that it is today.

/n software
AS2 Adapter
AS2 Adapter
Supported versions of BizTalk: BizTalk 2004+ BizTalk 2013 R2+
Active Drummond Certification - Every test, every time.
AS2 Restart
AS2 VLM (Very Large Message) Support
HTTP Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE)
Certificate Exchange Messaging (CEM)
Multiple Attachments (MA)
FileName preservation (FN)
AS2 Reliability / Duplicate prevention
SHA2 SHA-256 Message Signatures

The /n software AS2 Adapter offers unparalleled secure file transfer capabilities in a straightforward, easy to use, fully-managed BizTalk Adapter. The AS2 Adapter is actively used by major Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies world-wide to add secure and reliable managed file transfer and B2B messaging.

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