SFTP Adapter Comparison

Compare the /n software SFTP Adapter to the Microsoft SFTP Adapter

The /n software SFTP Adapter for BizTalk offers many features beyond the Microsoft SFTP Adapter. The /n software SFTP Adapter has been available since early 2004 and has been evolving ever since into the robust and full-featured adapter that it is today.

/n software
SFTP Adapter
SFTP Adapter
Supported versions of BizTalk: BizTalk 2004+ BizTalk 2013+
Scripting capabilities to allow for custom actions before/after file transfer (AfterGet, BeforePut, etc).
Wide support for certificate formats for public key authentication (PFX, Windows Certificate Store, PEM Keys).
Flexible negotiation of host key (Fingerprint, Public key file).
SSO application support.
Advanced Firewall support.
Batch size controls.
Temp file support (both local and remote)
On-Demand downloads (download from a send adapter within an orchestration).
Comprehensive support for various compression algorithms.
DeleteMode property.

The /n software SFTP Adapter offers unparalleled secure file transfer capabilities in a straightforward, easy to use, fully-managed BizTalk Adapter. The SFTP Adapter is actively used by major Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies world-wide to add secure and reliable managed file transfer and B2B messaging.

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