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BMT Micro, Inc. Selects /n software's 3-D Secure MPI solution for Java

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The Challenge

As the Internet has become part of our daily lives, e-commerce has evolved into a common vehicle for buying and selling goods or services. Despite its rapid growth and popularity, e-commerce can be a double edged sword. About 60% of e-commerce chargebacks are deemed cardholder unauthorized.

BMT Micro needed a 3-D Secure solution that was easy to implement and flexible enough to integrate into their existing e-commerce solution. By supporting 3-D Secure BMT would keep control of merchant fees while taking advantage of the security benefits of 3-D Secure.

BMT Micro was seeking to increase customer satisfaction and promote the growth of their e-commerce business, while reducing operating costs. They wanted a solution that, once initiated on their website, would interact with both the cardholder and the card issuer. A solution that is 3-D Secure offers safe and reliable payment processing by having the issuing bank authenticate the cardholder, and provide evidence of the online transaction. While this helps merchants reduce fees associated with credit card fraud, 3-D Secure solutions themselves can be costly, and payments to MPI providers often include set-up fees, monthly fees and per transaction fees.

"We needed a cost-effective 3-D Secure solution that supported Java," said Peter Nielsen, IT Manager, BMT Micro, Inc. "/n software 3-D Secure had been market tested, and enabled us to easily provide a secure solution for e-commerce transactions, and remain profitable."

The Solution

BMT's solution uses /n software 3-D Secure to facilitate secure transactions with customer and maintain a secure channel of communication between the cardholder and issuer.

/n software 3-D Secure has been certified by EMVCo and all major card brands. The 3-D Secure library allows easy integration of brand specific programs such as Visa 3-D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, and American Express SafeKey 2.0 into online shopping carts, websites, and merchant systems. Easy to use component interfaces offer extraordinary flexibility to software developers, enhancing the integration process, and reducing man hour requirements. The authorization process take place in real-time, facilitating the purchasing experience of the cardholder, making e-payment security as easy as possible.

"/n software 3-D Secure is flexible, and very easy to use. Integrating 3-D Secure with our website and back office environment took one developer less than a week."

– Peter Nielsen, IT Manager, BMT Micro, Inc

The Result

Users making online purchases with BMT Micro feel secure about shopping online, knowing they benefit from the protection of 3-D Secure technology, certified by EMVCo and all major card brands including Visa, MasterCard and AmEx. 3-D Secure protects BMT Micro from chargebacks even if a cardholder is not enrolled in a 3-D Secure program. Implementing the 3-D Secure solution from /n software makes customers feel more secure, and makes accepting credit cards from foreign countries less risky.

"The /n software 3-D Secure MPI is easy to work with," explained Nielsen. "It is the most cost-effective way to offer 3-D secure transactions for customers, and allowed us to obtain favorable rates."

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