Oracle Selects IPWorks EDI / AS2 Components


Oracle's PeopleSoft relies on /n software EDI / AS2 components for secure and reliable business-to-business communication.

The Challenge

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications have many extra-enterprise business processes that should be enhanced with secure B2B transactions.

"Supporting business-to-business communications is a critical component of PeopleSoft's Enterprise products. Many of our financial and supply chain management customers depend on a rich set of B2B transactions and have expressed the need for a standards-based secure data transfer solution," said Michael Ni, Vice President, PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Management. "Using the AS2 components from /n software allowed us to introduce a total package of security requirements across multiple application areas in a single release."

The AS2 protocol has become the de facto standard for secure Internet EDI transactions, and it allows companies to securely connect, send, validate, and reply to data among trading partners. This protocol has been widely adopted across all industries and departmental business processes, including: manufacturing, supply chain management, healthcare, human capital management, government, customer relationship management, and finance.

The Solution

The IPWorks EDI / AS2 consists of easy-to-use components that encapsulate the complex protocol and security logic required by the AS2 specifications and greatly simplifies the process of integrating AS2 functionality. Embedded into an AS2 connector, the /n software components were integrated into part of the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Integration Broker Gateway, a web server included as part of PeopleSoft PeopleTools. The PeopleSoft

PeopleTools AS2 connector works by acting as a protocol switch between PeopleSoft Enterprise applications and the outside world for AS2 communications. As a connector, PeopleSoft Enterprise customers are able to send and receive EDI over the Internet without using any external applications or additional plug-ins.

" The integration of the /n software components was a straightforward thought out architecture that fits together well with our overall standards-based architecture. The entire process of integration from development through QA only took a couple of months."

– Michael Ni, Vice President, PeopleSoft PeopleTools Product Management

The Result

PeopleSoft Enterprise offers customers AS2 communications capabilities starting with PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.46. Instead of developing a proprietary AS2 solution in-house, requiring significant development time and risk, PeopleSoft PeopleTools was able to integrate a proven software engine built by /n software.

"The /n software components exceeded our expectations. If you are looking to integrate AS2 capabilities into a software application, IP*Works! EDI / AS2 components are an excellent economic alternative," Ni concluded.

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