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As Internet technologies continue to evolve, so do our products. IPWorks 2016 works with Microsoft® Visual Studio 2017®, well ahead of the IDE's release to market. IPWorks 2016 also includes new components, performance upgrades, an improved development experience, and more enhancements across the entire component collection. In addition, IPWorks components are now SSL enabled. Keep reading for full details.

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Part of The Red Carpet Subscription

The new features and products listed below are available in IPWorks 2016 individual editions or as part of our Red Carpet Subscription. The latest update, 2017 Vol. 1, was recently released and delivers these and any updates we release across the /n software product line.

We are working to upgrade our entire product line to the 2016 code base and will deliver more updates with each subscription update. These 2016 products, built on the rock-solid IPWorks Core codebase, are also availabe:

The next Subscription update, 2017 vol. 2, will include 2016 versions for the remainder of the /n software product line.


  • SSL Support - IPWorks and IPWorks SSL have been merged. IPWorks 2016 now includes SSL/TLS-enabled components for all TCP based communications.
  • HTTP/2 Support - IPWorks components now support HTTP/2.
  • New WebSocket Component - A client implementation of the WebSocket component included in IPWorks WS.
  • New CertMgr Component - Manages digital certificates installed on a system.
  • New OAuth Component - Authorizes a client and provides an authorization string to be used in future requests.
  • Improved XML Technology - XMLp and XMLw are merged into one component (XML) that will offer combines all the benefits of parsing and writing included in the individual components. This new component also includes new features such as simplified DOM navigation, performance enhancements new Encoding support, and improved navigation abilities.
  • Performance Improvements - JSON parsing is up to five time faster and streaming is now supported. Performance is also improved across the entire component collection.
  • API Improvements - Many API enhancements have been added to give you a better development experience.
  • Security Improvements - Certificate SHA256 Thumbprints are now supported and certificate validation on Mono have been improved. Note that full SHA-256 and TLS 1.2 support is also included.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Support - The .NET Edition now works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
  • macOS Sierra Support - The macOS Edition now supports macOS Sierra.
  • TryXPath Added - TryXPath method has been added for JSON, XML, and all XPath enabled components for smarter document navigation and less code.
  • Date/Time Parsing Improvements - FTP C++ Editions now support milliseconds for improved date/time parsing.
  • SSL Stack Implementation Support - Java Edition supports new SSL stack implementations removing reliance on security libraries.
  • C++ Development Enhancement - All C++ editions are updated to use LPCWSTR instead of LPWSTR for a better C++ development experience.

Component Updates

  • CertMgr
    Support for reading Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs).
    Uses SHA256 signature algorithm by default.
    Support for exporting private keys into PEM (PKCS1 and PKCS8) formats.
  • FTP
    Selection logic for Data connection address updated to work in more scenarios.
  • HTMLMailer
    Support for in-memory image attachments.
  • HTTP
    HTTP/2 support.
    Log event added for informational/debug logging.
  • IMAP
    Improved support for IDLE commands with enhanced event-based design.
  • IPMonitor
    Support for parsing pcap (packet capture) files to provide information as if it were coming across the wire.
  • IPDaemon
    IdleTimeout setting added to automatically disconnect clients after a defined period of inactivity.
    UserData field added to store connection specific user data.
    ReadyToSend property added. Provides more ways to detect conditions when the component is ready.
  • IPInfo
    New DNS management features including DisplayDNS, FlushDNS, etc.
    AdapterBroadcastAddress added.
  • IPPort
    Configurable record length signaling with new RecordLength property (i.e. Wait until X bytes are received, then fire DataIn).
    ReadyToSend property added. Provides more ways to detect conditions when the component is ready.
  • JSON
    Operation as a forward-only parser make the component five times faster. Additional performance improvements can be seen in all aspects of the component.
    JSONPath support.
    Supports streaming input rather than loading entire document for better performance.
    API updated to support future editing and JSON writing.
  • LDAP
    PITrail event added for extended logging and debugging capabilities.
  • NetCode
    Updated with SHA-256 hash capabilities.
    Can now display hashes in hex form.
  • OData
    v4 (JSON) support for requests and responses.
  • SMPP
    Support for GSM encoding.
  • SOAP
    Improved XML parsing capabilities and XChild support.
  • NNTP
    Properties updated for Long64 (improved large data type support).
  • OAuth
    API streamlined to provide a better development experience.
  • WebUpload
    Granular control of HTTP headers. Better control of field values by setting FormVarContentType in the API.
    HTTP/2 support.
  • XML
    XMLp and XMLw have merged and DOM navigation is simplified, performance is enhanced, and Encoding support is added.

Coming Soon

We work tirelessly throughought the year to bring you periodic updates to our products. In this year's updates, we will upgrade the remainder of the /n software product line to the 2016 code base, include .NET Core and Python Editions, add JSON and XML writing features across many components, and continue to enhance your development experience. You don't want to miss any of it, so check your inbox for /n software updates and consider the Red Carpet Subscription. It will deliver these updates as soon as they are available.