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Does IPWorks SSL support 128-bit encryption?
Does IPWorks SSL support 128-bit encryption?
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I think I've received the wrong edition of IPWorks on my CD.
I just received my IPWorks CD, but I think I've gotten the wrong one.
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HTTP: Error 153 Specified URLScheme is invalid.
This occurs when using a component from IPWorks that uses HTTP as the transport mechanism with a secure URL.
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Licensing for IPWorks bundled with JBuilder5
I received a license for IPWorks with the release of JBuilder 5. What does this license allow me to do?
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Error 270: The security library could not be loaded
When I attempt to run your SSL controls on my Windows 9x machine, I get an error,
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SFTP: File is corrupted after transfer
Files uploaded via SFTP can be corrupted depending on the payload size.
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Using TOTP for Multi-Factor Authentication to AWS
Authentication to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with MFA is easy with the TOTP component.
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Squid Proxy Support
Does IPWorks support Squid proxies?
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Web Server
Can I create a web server with IPWorks?
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Using the Sftp.Queue method to do multiple simultaneous SFTP transfers
The IPWorks SSH SFTP component supports doing multiple simultaneous transfers using the Queue method.
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