IPWorks IPC 2024 API Changes

In most cases upgrading is seamless and requires no code changes, as efforts have been made to maintain backwards compatibility. However, the release of IPWorks IPC 2024 includes several API changes that may require code changes. The table below is a list of major changes between IPWorks IPC 2022 and IPWorks IPC 2024.

Upgrading to IPWorks IPC 2024 is designed to be a quick process and involve only minimal code changes while offering additional functionality and options for new and existing users. Please contact us at support@nsoftware.com with any questions or comments.

Components with Changes

API Changes

The table below describes API changes in IPWorksIPC 2024. Please refer to the notes for each entry for details.

PropertyBytesSentTypechange: LONG is now INT
PropertyDataToSendRemoved (previously deprecated)
PropertyBytesSentTypechange: LONG is now INT
PropertyStdinRemoved (previously deprecated)

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