SecureBlackbox 16: When I use a production license key, I get an error that the key is valid for another version of SecureBlackbox. What is that supposed to mean?

Note: This article applies only to SecureBlackbox Legacy. For future development please consider using the latest version.

The exact message text is one of the following:

"Provided license key is valid for old version of SecureBlackbox and not the current one. Please upgrade your license."


"Provided license key is valid for a version of SecureBlackbox, other than the current one. Please check the version of SecureBlackbox and your license."

Most license keys are version-specific: They work only with the version of SecureBlackbox for which they have been issued. Trial keys come with the corresponding trial version of SecureBlackbox. Production license keys, which you can obtain in My Control Center, have the version number specified in the key description. For example, the key for version 12 of SecureBlackbox will not work in SecureBlackbox 11 or SecureBlackbox 13. You need to use the license key for the proper version in order to use your version of SecureBlackbox.

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