SecureBlackbox 16: A Component Library for PGP-Compatible OpenPGP in C# and .NET

Note: This article applies only to SecureBlackbox Legacy. For future development please consider using the latest version.

OpenPGPBlackbox is a collection of classes and components for integrating OpenPGP support in your desktop, server, and mobile apps. The C#., VB.NET, and ASP.NET components offer an authentic implementation of the OpenPGP standard (RFC 2440 and RFC 4880). OpenPGPBlackbox is fully compatible with the BouncyCastle library, GnuPG, and PGP Desktop to the extent to which these applications and libraries comply with the OpenPGP standard.


The full scope of OpenPGP operations is supported, such as key generation and management, file signing and encryption, and the creation of self-extracting OpenPGP archives. The option introduced by PGP Desktop to place several files with data into one OpenPGP archive is supported as well.

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