NetCmdlets: How to Specify an IP Address Using Set-SNMP

In order to set an IP Address value using Set-SNMP, "IPAddress" should be passed to the Type parameter. From there, the cmdlet will convert each quadrant of the value to a byte, resulting in four bytes being sent to the server.

#Passing a value of "" as an "IPAddress"
Set-SNMP $someAddr -oid $someOID -value "" -type "IPAddress"

#What gets sent the the server: 0xAC 0x12 0x01 0x1E

If Type is not specified, then the cmdlet will use "OctetString" by default, resulting in a loss of information, as only the first four bytes of the ASCII string will be sent.

#Passing a value of "" as an "OctetString" (no -type is designated)
Set-SNMP $someAddr -oid $someOID -value ""

#What gets sent the the server: 0x31 0x37 0x32 0x2E ("172.")

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