NetCmdlets: Sync System Time with an Internet Time Server

Sync system time with Internet time server

NetCmdlet’s Get-Time cmdlet uses the Internet TIME protocol to query Internet time server’s for the current time. It can also be used to sync the time on the local system with that of the time server.
The following PowerShell function gets the time on a time server, optionally syncs the local system to that time, and outputs both times to the console:

function sync-time(
	 [string] $server = "",
	 [int] $port = 37,
	 [switch] $set = $false)
	 $servertime = get-time -server $server -port $port -set:$set
	 write-host "Server time:" $servertime
	 write-host "Local time :" $(date)

To use it to compare the time of the system versus the Internet server time, just call sync-time. To actually do the sync, add the -set switch to the command.

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