What is EDI? What are AS1, AS2, and AS3?

  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange. It is a general term for the transfer of documents between trading partners, and the standards that are adhered to. It is also represented as EDIINT (EDI over the Internet).

  • AS2 - Applicability Statement 2. A specific secure transportation standard for EDI, namely EDI over HTTPS.

  • AS1 - Applicability Statement 1. Secure transportation protocol for EDI over SMTPS.

  • AS3 - Applicability Statement 3. Secure transportation protocol for EDI over FTPS.

  • S/MIME - Secure Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is the set of standards used for encryption and signing of a message/document. This governs not only the functions of signing and encryption, but also provides standards for the formatting of the final message so that a compliant reader will be able to easily identify the structure of the message.

  • HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is a very flexible client-server protocol that is the backbone of the world wide web.

  • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is used to send email messages from one party to another.

  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol governing file transfer and file management.

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