Delphi: How can I change the password for a MS Active Directory account?

In order to change a MS AD account password using LDAP you will need to convert the unicode password to a RawByteString.

For Example:
ipsLDAPS1->AttrCount = 1; ipsLDAPS1->AttrType[0] = "unicodePwd"; UnicodeString uStr = L"\"Mynewpassword1\""; ipsLDAPS1->AttrValueB[0] = RawByteString((char*), uStr.Length()*2); ipsLDAPS1->AttrModOp[0] = (TipsLDAPSAttrModOps)amoReplace; ipsLDAPS1->Modify();

Note that when converting a unicode password to a RawByteString the AttrValuB property should be used.

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