FTP Code Example: Upload from a stream

As of IPWorks V8 you can upload from a stream to a remote file on the FTP server. The stream should be open and normally set to position 0. The component will automatically close this stream if the CloseStreamAfterTransfer configuration setting is true (default).
C# ftp.RemoteFile = "test.txt"; ftp.SetUploadStream(new FileStream("c:\\test.txt", FileMode.Open)); ftp.Upload();

VB .NET ftp.RemoteFile = "test.txt" ftp.SetUploadStream(New FileStream("c:\test.txt", FileMode.Open)) ftp.Upload()

Java ftp.setRemoteFile("test.txt"); ftp.setUploadStream(new java.io.FileInputStream("c:\\test.txt")); ftp.upload();

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