SSIS: Error 0x8009000B Key not valid for use in specified state.

The error code itself is an SSIS error code (0x8009000B) which occurs when trying to access a sensitive property of a package without a password or key to decrypt it.

All of the /n software SSIS tasks password properties are marked as sensitive. This means that they are encrypted by SSIS when the package is stored. To deploy, there are several different options.

One way to deploy is to set the SSIS Package ProtectionLevel property to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword. This setting uses a password for encryption. You can then modify the SQL Server Agent job step command line to include this password.

So in the IDE when compiling the package set ProtectionLevel to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword and set the PacakgePassword.

In the manager or command line the /DECRYPT option will need to be set. And if you select a protection level of DontSaveSensitive then you'll have to use the /SET Property Value option.

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