SOAP Request parameters not received by .Net web service

This web service that you are trying to call, is it RPC or Document style?

If you're not sure, check the documentation of the service or if it is a .Net service that you have source code access for, check for the SoapRPCService and SoapRPCMethod attributes of the service and webmethods, or the SoapDocumentService and SoapDocumentMethod attributes of the service and webmethods.

If the service is Document style, make sure that no method namespace prefix is present (a method namespace prefix of "m" is used by default). To do this, use the MethodNamespacePrefix configuration setting in the code. For instance: SOAP1.Method = "MyTest" SOAP1.MethodURI = " http://localhost/webservice/" SOAP1.ActionURI = " http://localhost/webservice/MyTest" SOAP1.URL = " http://localhost/WebService/test.asmx" SOAP1.AddParam "x", "something" SOAP1.Config "MethodNameSpaceprefix=" SOAP1.SendRequest

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