Why do i get FTP error 425 can

This occurs when there is a problem establishing the data connection between the client and server.

The response to the PASV command may contain an incorrect IP address for the server. You can verify this by outputting the parameters of the PITrail event and looking at the server's response to the PASV command.

You can get around this by forcing the component to use the address supplied to the RemoteHost property for the data connection, ignoring the ip address returned by the server.

To do this you would set the UseRemoteHostAddressForPassive configuration setting like so: FTP.Config("UseRemoteHostAddressForPassive=true")

Note that even with these changes it's possible that a connection can't be established for other reasons. In passive mode if the component can't connect to the ip address and port specified, then no data connection will be able to be established.

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