Sending messages through Clickatell

Clickatell no longer provides direct access to an SMPP server. Instead they offer a REST API that consumes JSON or XML. They also offer an HTTP API that accepts query parameters. The component's from IPWorks can be used to integrate with both. Below is a short example using the JSON and HTTP components to send a message through the REST API.

Http http = new Http(); http.OnTransfer += (obj, ev) => { if (ev.Direction == 1) Debug.WriteLine("Response:\r\n" + ev.Text); }; Json json = new Json(); json.StartObject(); json.PutProperty("content", "Hi! This is a test message.", 2); json.PutName("to"); json.StartArray(); json.PutValue("15555555555", 2); json.EndArray(); //json.PutProperty("from", "15555555555", 2); // If your integration supports two-way messaging, set the from number here. json.PutProperty("binary", "false", 4); json.PutProperty("clientMessageId", "uuid", 2); json.EndObject(); json.Flush(); string request = json.OutputData; Debug.WriteLine(json.OutputData); http.Authorization = "Your API Key Here"; http.ContentType = "application/json"; http.Accept = "application/json"; http.PostData = request; http.Post("");

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