Passing Command Line Parameters with ZipSFX

The FileToExecuteParams configuration setting allows you to pass command line parameters to the FileToExecute executable. Simply set the config to a space-separated list of the parameters you wish to pass, like this:

zipsfx.Config("FileToExecuteParams=here are some parameters");

The archive executable itself also supports the '/s' command-line parameter for silent extraction. The SilentExtraction configuration setting can be set to hide any UI interaction during extraction. SilentExtraction can be set like this:


The following example creates an archive which combines these two config settings, both extracting silently and passing parameters to an executable upon extraction:

Zipsfx zipsfx = new Zipsfx(); zipsfx.FileToExecute = "echoParams.exe"; zipsfx.ArchiveFile = "archive.exe"; zipsfx.SourceDirectory = sourceFilePath; zipsfx.ExtractToPath = extractFilePath; zipsfx.Config("FileToExecuteParams=echo these parameters"); zipsfx.Config("SilentExtraction=true"); zipsfx.CreateSFX();

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