Software Escrow - Protect Your Investment!

Have you deployed a mission critical solution using a product included in your Red Carpet Subscription? While we plan on being around for a long time, nobody can predict the future and so we offer a source code escrow service as a way to provide absolute protection for our customers and their investment in our products.

How It Works

Source Code Escrow guarantees access to the source code of all subscription products in the event of insolvency. Red Carpet Subscription must run concurrently with escrow in order for licenses to be covered. This is mandated by the escrow agreement and proof of payment must be given to invoke the terms of escrow.

Simple Administration

Once the escrow agreement has been paid for, we will send you a specific escrow ID that will identify your escrow license. We will also notify you when renewals on your escrow are due.

Iron Mountain

Our Software Escrow Account is managed by Iron Mountain Intellectual Property Management Inc., the leading global provider of intellectual property management services -