Support Options

We are here to help if you need assistance while using our products. The following is a detailed list of current support options for /n software products. If you have any questions regarding options and pricing please contact

Standard & Trial Support - Free

Free email support is available to all users. Questions are answered on a first-come-first-serve basis. The following online resources are available at any time:

Need an answer quickly or over the phone? Take a moment to consider a Premium Support package.

Premium Support

Premium support is a paid, optional add-on for Red Carpet Subscription customers. Premium support emails and calls are given priority over any standard support questions. Responses to premium support inquiries are guaranteed within one business day.

Premium Support includes:

  • Unlimited priority phone and email support covering licensing, installation, debugging, protocol issues, programming issues, environmental issues, and general use of the products.
  • Access to additional unpublished samples available upon request.
  • Limited source code analysis related to the components.

Premium support contracts are valid for one full year from the purchased date for a single company contact per contract.

In order to receive the best service for premium support, please fill in the online support form. This will assign you an issue number, allowing your support requests to be tracked resulting in a faster response. If you prefer, you can send us a direct email to our priority support mailbox, or give us a call.

Premium support can be added on to your Red Carpet Subscription at the time of purchase. Please add a premium support contract while ordering online or contact sales.