Final Release of IPWorks SSL V4 ASP Edition

A new rendition of IPWorks SSL, especially designed and optimized for Secure Active Server Pages and Dynamic Web Applications

December 7th, 2000, /n software inc. today announced the final release of IPWorks SSL V4 ASP Edition, a special version of IPWorks SSL, specifically designed and optimized for Active Server Page programming. This release includes 12 components for secure ASP programming, the existing components of IPWorks SSL, plus SSL-enabled versions of the WebForm and WebUpload components.

Initially introduced in 1995, IPWorks is actively used by most Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, as well as thousands of independent software developers worldwide. The product eliminates much of the complexity of developing connected applications, by providing easy-to-use programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, browsing the web, accessing directories, etc..

IPWorks SSL adds SSL/TLS Security and Digital Certificate capabilities to the IPWorks Internet Toolkit providing Secure Web Browsing, Secure Client, Secure Mail, Digital Certificate Management Capabilities, and a lot more. The IPWorks SSL components provide full control over the process of setting up SSL connections, including management, verification, and certificate-based client authentication.

The programming interfaces of the ASP Edition are redesigned from the ground up with the web developer in mind. All components are property- and method-driven, and events are no longer necessary. This makes it easier for web developers to build connected, interactive, web applications with a minimum of effort. In addition, all the components are fully optimized for server environments, where performance and reliability requirements are more stringent than ever.

The sample ASP pages included in IPWorks ASP Edition show how easy it is to use the components for building web applications. Here is a partial list of the functionality included in the demos:

  • Managing Certificate Stores and Digital Certificates,
  • Download Data or files from an SSL enabled Web Server,
  • Securely Upload Files to a Web Server,
  • Post secure data to an HTML form,
  • Connect to a Mail Server with added SSL security (IMAP or POP),
  • Send Email through SSL enabled Mail Server (SMTP)
  • ...and a lot more!

The following is a complete list of the components in IPWorks SSL ASP Edition: CertMgr, FTPS, HTTPS, IMAPS, IPPortS, LDAPS, NNTPS, POPS, SMTPS, TelnetS, WebFormS, and WebUploadS. More information on their capabilities can be found on the website.

A fully-functional, free trial version IPWorks V4 SSL ASP Edition is available for free download from the company website at The product will be available for purchase directly from /n software and authorized resellers worldwide.

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