IPWorks Version 5.0 starts shipping!

The latest version of the most comprehensive suite of Internet Components, with features such as SOAP, XML, and full SSL Security, is now shipping.

Research Triangle Park, NC, June 15th, 2001 - /n software (www.nsoftware.com) today announced that Version 5.0 of its flagship product, the IPWorks Internet Toolkit is now shipping.

Initially introduced in 1995, IPWorks is actively used by most Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies, as well as thousands of independent software developers worldwide. The product eliminates much of the complexity of developing connected applications, by providing easy-to-use programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, browsing the web, consuming web services, parsing XML documents, etc..

"This is our most ambitious release ever," says Gent Hito, President and CEO of /n software, "the result of more than 2 years of research and development. Not only we have almost doubled the number of components and significantly expanded the feature set, but IPWorks Version 5 is also a significant milestone in our cross-platform efforts, providing native components for Windows, Pocket PC, Java, Linux, and Solaris."

IPWorks Version 5 is available in 20 editions, targeting various Platforms, IDEs, and component technologies. The Windows and Java components are available immediately, with Pocket PC, Linux, and Solaris versions following soon.

In addition to the existing 22 IPWorks components such as HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, Telnet, SNMP, LDAP, Multicast, etc.. the new version includes the following new components, bringing the total number to 35 components:

  • SOAP - generic SOAP client supporting SOAP 1.1. Built on top of the new IPWorks XML parser (see below).
  • XMLp - SAX2 compliant XML parser with support for XPath DOM traversal and XML structure validation. Optimized for read applications, with a super-fast engine that builds internal DOM structures with close to zero heap allocations. An additional "relaxed" mode allows for parsing of "traditional" HTML (non-XML) documents.
  • WebForm - the easy way to post HTML form data to HTTP servers, with full support for Cookie-based sessions and redirection.
  • WebUpload - upload files to web servers with support for standard HTTP/MIME uploading (the ASP edition of the component, allows you to easily retrieve files on the server side - as would any other standard server upload component).
  • Ping and TraceRoute: two new components built on top of the ICMPPort component, with an extensive feature list (see the help file for details).
  • TFTP client component (available across all editions).
  • NetClock component to get/set time from network time servers.
  • RCP for copying files to/from UNIX systems.
  • Whois - complete Whois component, with support for distributed WHOIS servers that allows the component to automatically find the registrar for a particular domain.
  • FileMailer - built on top of SMTP and MIME: easy way to send messages with file attachments.
  • HTMLMailer - allows you to send HTML mail messages, including embedded images.

The existing IPWorks components have been upgraded with new features and capabilities such as support for SOCKS4/5 firewalls and tunneling proxies across the board, Quality Of Service (QOS) control options (a must for real-time communications), redesigned help files, expanded sample applications, etc...

IPWorks Version 5 is immediately available for purchase directly from /n software at http://www.nsoftware.com/ or authorized resellers world-wide in the following editions:

  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL ASP Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL Visual Basic Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL ActiveX Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL Scripting Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL C++ Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL C++ Builder Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks and IPWorks SSL Delphi Edition (Win32)
  • IPWorks Java Edition (for Java 1 and Java 2)
  • IPWorks ActiveX Edition for Pocket PC (shipping in July)
  • IPWorks C++ Edition for Pocket PC (shipping in July)
  • IPWorks Kylix Edition (for Linux - shipping in July)
  • IPWorks C++ Edition for Linux (shipping in July)

About /n software
/n software is the market leader in software components for Communications and Security development. Founded in 1994, /n software (pronounced 'n software') is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. You can reach the company via email at info@nsoftware.com, on the World Wide Web at www.nsoftware.com, or by calling US: (800) 225-4190 or International: (919) 544-7070.


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