/n software announces three new products targeting the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.

Three new Component Suites targeting the .NET Compact Framework for Internet Communications, Compression, and Security.

Orlando, FL, September 16th, 2002, VSLive Orlando 2002 - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com) - a leading provider of Internet Development Tools, announces 3 new products specifically targeting the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, IPWorks, IPWorks SSL, and IPWorks Zip. These products combine to provide more then 50 royalty-free components allowing developers to easily implement Internet communication, security, and compression within the .NET Compact Framework.

"By virtually eliminating the need to target specific hardware and specific processors, the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework opens up entirely new possibilities for mobile application development," says Gent Hito, President and CEO of /n software. "We are excited to offer three new products for the .NET Compact Framework, at what we believe to be the beginning of an exciting new paradigm in development for Windows CE based devices."

"/n software has been providing products for both Windows CE and the .NET Framework from the very beginnings of each of these platforms", says David Rasmussen, lead product manager for .NET mobile developer technologies in the Developer Platform and Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Porting their products to the .NET Compact Framework is a natural evolution for /n software, and a good indication of the compelling value seen by our partners and the rest of the developer community in this exciting new platform."

/n software is committed to providing robust, enterprise-class, components for mobile development and has been developing for mobile devices since the release of IPWorks for Windows CE 1.0 in early 1998. Since then, IPWorks has been trusted to add Internet communications to embedded applications for many Fortune 500 companies and independent developers worldwide. Continuing support for mobile development, /n software will bring the entire IPWorks product family to the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework beginning with IP*Works, IPWorks SSL, and IPWorks ZIP.

IPWorks includes more than 30 fully-managed components for Internet development implementing Internet Protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SOAP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, XML, MIME, Telnet, etc.

IPWorks SSL consists of 15 pure C# .NET components for secure Internet connectivity including HTTPS, SOAPS, SMTPS, POPS, IMAPS, FTPS, LDAPS, NNTPS, TelnetS, Digital Certificate Authentication, and a lot more!

IPWorks Zip is a suite of easy, fast, and effective compression and archiving components supporting major standards such as Zip, Tar, Jar, and Gzip, written entirely in managed code.

Public Beta versions of IPWorks and IPWorks Zip for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework are available immediately for download from the /n software website at www.nsoftware.com. IPWorks SSL for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework will be available later this month.

About /n software
/n software is the market leader in software components for Communications and Security development. Founded in 1994, /n software (pronounced 'n software') is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. You can reach the company via email at info@nsoftware.com, on the World Wide Web at www.nsoftware.com, or by calling US: (800) 225-4190 or International: (919) 544-7070.


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