/n software announces Public Beta of IPWorks EDI for Microsoft .NET

Professional Components for the Microsoft .NET Framework that facilitate EDI-INT transactions using the AS2 standard for secure Internet Electronic Data Interchange

San Francisco, CA, February 11th, 2003 - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com) - a leading provider of Professional Internet Development Tools and Components announces the first Public Beta of IPWorks EDI for Microsoft .NET. This release includes managed components that facilitate sending and receiving secure EDI transmissions over the Internet.

IPWorks EDI is a new addition to /n software's award-winning IPWorks product family, a comprehensive collection of components for Internet development, trusted since 1994 by most Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of independent software developers worldwide. IPWorks EDI includes software components that facilitate the transmission of secure EDI transactions over the Internet. The AS2Sender component can be used from any web or desktop application to connect and securely deliver EDI data. The AS2Receiver component allows ASP.NET applications to securely and reliably receive and respond to EDI transaction requests. A digital certificate management component completes the package with certificate verification, creation, encoding, and signing capabilities.

The IPWorks EDI components are based on AS2, the leading Internet Standard for EDI transmissions, enabling new levels of security and reliability, while at the same time providing significant cost savings by leveraging the Internet as a ubiquitous network, instead of traditional EDI VANs. By offering standard software components instead of a monolithic solution, IPWorks EDI provides the utmost in flexibility for developers and businesses interested in enabling their software systems with Internet EDI capabilities, resulting in better and faster system integration, lower cost, and better overall ROI.

"Microsoft is excited to see /n software leverage the rich security capabilities in the .NET Framework to offer component-based enterprise capabilities in an easy-to-use flexible package," said John Montgomery, director for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Its ability to execute and deliver leading-edge capabilities such as EDI-INT and AS2 within a year is another testament to the power of Microsoft .NET to deliver enterprise-class functionality."

The IPWorks EDI Public Beta for Microsoft .NET is available for download from the company website at http://www.nsoftware.com/. IPWorks Subscription customers will automatically receive free development licenses for IPWorks EDI when the final release is available.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a set of protocols designed to streamline the exchange of highly structured data between organizations such as purchase orders, medical records, invoices etc. EDI-INT refers to a set of protocols related to the secure transfer of EDI over the Internet.

About AS2
Applicability Standards (AS2) is a protocol that defines how to send, receive, and validate data using the S/MIME standard for message security and the HTTP/S protocols for communications. While the AS2 protocol is not specific to EDI, AS2 provides a secure and reliable vehicle for EDI transactions over the Internet and it has become the standard for EDI-INT transactions.

About /n software
/n software is the market leader in software components for Communications and Security development. Founded in 1994, /n software (pronounced 'n software') is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. You can reach the company via email at info@nsoftware.com, on the World Wide Web at www.nsoftware.com, or by calling US: (800) 225-4190 or International: (919) 544-7070.


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