/n software Releases the First Public Beta of the OFX Integrator

Build fully integrated solutions for retrieving financial data from banks and credit card companies.

New York, NY, April 19th, 2005 - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com) - the leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components announced OFX Integrator, a suite of components for Open Financial Exchange (OFX) client integration. The OFX Integrator enables software developers to easily build software applications that consume financial data from banks and credit card companies.

"OFX has become the dominant technology for the exchange of data between financial institutions and customers," said Eric Madariaga, Marketing Director for /n software. "Supporting OFX in the Integrator product line expands the opportunities for developers seeking to build fully integrated e-business solutions. Retrieving bank and credit card data electronically enables solution providers to build solutions which incorporate faster and more accurate transaction reconciliation, send instant transaction notifications, and fully 'close the loop' between payments and accounting."

The OFX Integrator facilitates the process of retrieving financial data from bank and credit card company accounts. The components fully encapsulate the OFX protocol and security logic, and provides an easy to use interface for accessing financial transaction information. The current beta release supports a subset of the OFX protocol related to retrieving data from banks and credit accounts. Support for bill payment and intra-bank communications will be available in a later release.

The OFX Integrator public beta is available for download from the company website at www.nsoftware.com. /n software Red Carpet Subscription customers will automatically receive free licenses for OFX Integrator as part of their Q2 2005 subscription update.

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