/n software releases its communications adapter suite version 2.0 beta for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006

Major version upgrade includes tighter integration, dynamic configuration, and new adapters for instant messaging, credit card processing, accounting integration, and more!

Research Triangle Park, NC, March 27th, 2006 � /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com) announces the first public beta of version 2.0 of their fully-managed suite of secure communications adapters for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006. The new version updates the entire suite of communications adapters with support for both static and dynamic adapters, integrated two-way messaging, new pipeline components, and new adapters for Internet connectivity and e-business messaging.

The /n software Adapters extend the features of Microsoft BizTalk Server with advanced Internet communications, security, and e-business capabilities. The /n software Adapters seamlessly integrate into the Microsoft BizTalk Server messaging pipeline and support full Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration for creating and managing BizTalk Server orchestrations. The Adapters include robust implementations of major B2B messaging and secure communications protocol technologies and supports a wide range of enterprise features.

The current version of the /n software Adapter suite included the following adapters for Microsoft BizTalk Server:

  • /n software AS2 Adapter - eBusinessReady™ Certified AS2 (EDI-INT) Adapter.
  • /n software FTPS Adapter - SSL-Enabled Secure FTP Adapter.
  • /n software SFTP Adapter - Secure Shell (SSH) Enabled FTP Adapter.
  • /n software FTP Adapter - A Fully-Managed FTP Alternative with Advanced Firewall support.
  • /n software Secure Shell (SSH) Adapter - Secure Shell (SSH) Host Access Adapter.
  • /n software Email Adapters - Email Send and Receive Adapter supporting SMTP, POP, & IMAP.
  • /n software Secure Email Adapters - Secure Email (SMTPS/POPS/IMAPS) Adapter.

In addition to the adapters included in the current version, version 2.0 will include adapters for SMS messaging, Instant Messaging (Jabber/XMPP), and credit card transaction processing. In addition, new pipeline components will be available in the final release, extending Microsoft BizTalk Server with additional support for message compression/decompression and encoding capabilities.

The /n software Adapters for Microsoft BizTalk Server are available immediately for download or purchase directly from the /n software website at www.nsoftware.com. For more information about the /n software Adapters go to www.nsoftware.com/products/biztalk/.

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