/n software Announces the Release of IPWorks Version 8.0 for Microsoft .NET and Java.

The latest evolution of the most comprehensive suite of Internet communications components for professional developers has arrived.

October 3rd 2007, Research Triangle Park, NC - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com), a leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components, today announced the release of IPWorks Version 8.0 .NET Edition and Java Edition. The new IPWorks V8 release represents a substantial leap forward in design, performance, and new functionality.

IPWorks Version 8.0 includes new features designed to greatly simplify development, requiring far less code and increasing overall maintainability. Design features like native streams and object collections sit on top of a highly-evolved code base, updated and optimized for each supported development technology. In addition, enterprise features like IPv6 addressing and support for 64-bit architectures have been enabled to make connectivity applications compatible with current and future technologies.

"The new updates to the core IPWorks V8 engine reflect the feedback of countless developers with millions of end-user deployments over the past few years," said Eric Madariaga, VP of Marketing. "Our development and QA teams have made major improvements to component usability, design and performance, while working carefully to maintain a high level of backward compatibility. This release is the most robust, feature rich, and easy-to-use version to date, and we look forward to the release of other IPWorks products built on the new V8 core over the next few months."

In addition to the new features and performance enhancements, the new IPWorks product packages have been simplified, packing more value into each Edition than ever before. The IPWorks V8 .NET Edition not only extends the previous version of IPWorks .NET Edition, but also includes support for ASP.NET and the .NET Compact Framework. Likewise, the new IPWorks V8 Java Edition includes both Java desktop and J2EE components optimized for server side development. Further consolidation of IPWorks will occur in the coming months with the release of a Win32 edition supporting ActiveX, COM, Delphi, C++ Builder, C++ etc.

IPWorks V8 for .NET and Java are available individually or packaged together as part of the /n software Red Carpet Subscription. Red Carpet Subscriptions include a license for all /n software products as well as free updates and upgrades to all products during the subscription term, per developer licensing, free email technical support, and discounted renewals.

For more information about IPWorks, visit www.nsoftware.com/ipworks. Fully-functional, 30-day trial versions of all /n software products are immediately available for download from the company website at www.nsoftware.com/download.

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