/n software Releases IPWorks EDI V8 for Microsoft .NET and Java

Featuring Drummond Certified AS2, New E-Business Messaging Connectivity, and New Licensing Options for Royalty Free Integration.

July 16th 2008, Research Triangle Park, NC - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com), a leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components, today announced the release of IPWorks EDI V8 for .NET and Java. IPWorks EDI is a comprehensive suite of software components that facilitate the transmission of secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other common e-business transactions over the Internet.

Building on the highly evolved IPWorks V8 core, both IPWorks EDI V8 Editions share the same core feature enhancements including streams, collections, 64-bit support, IPv6 addressing etc. In addition to the features enabled by the new core, IPWorks EDI V8 has been enhanced with PEM key support, Quoted Printable encoding, granular logging controls, and new client access components for Odette File Transfer (OFTP), Secure SSL-enabled FTP (FTPS).

The licensing for IPWorks EDI V8 has also been updated with new options for application developers seeking to integrate Drummond Certified AS2 connectivity or other e-business messaging capabilities into their solutions. Off the shelf licensing options include Single Trading Partner Royalty Free Distribution ($999.00), Unlimited Trading Partner Desktop ($500.00), and Unlimited Trading Partner Server Licensing ($2499.00). Customized licensing options are also available upon request for OEM or Unlimited Partner Royalty Free distribution.

"The new licensing options available for IPWorks EDI V8 expands the opportunities available to companies interested in integrating Drummond certified AS2 connectivity and e-business messaging." said Eric Madariaga, Vice President of Marketing. "Easily affordable licensing options are now available for developers building distributed applications as well as for developers integrating secure connectivity into a single partner application."

For more information about IPWorks EDI, visit www.nsoftware.com/ipworksedi. Fully-functional, 30-day trial versions of all /n software products are immediately available for download from the company website at www.nsoftware.com/download.

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