/n software Releases IPWorks V8, IPWorks SSL V8, IPWorks S/MIME V8, and IPWorks SNMP V8 for ActiveX, Delphi, C++ Builder, and C++.

New releases complete migration of current IPWorks products to the powerful new version 8.0 core.

October 1st 2008, Research Triangle Park, NC - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com), a leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components, today announced the release of IPWorks, IPWorks SSL V8, IP*Works S/MIME V8, and IPWorks SNMP V8 for ActiveX, Delphi, C++ Builder, and C++. The latest Version 8.0 releases represent a substantial leap forward in design, performance, and new functionality. In addition to the new features and performance enhancements, the new packages have been simplified, consolidating technology support and packing each product with more value than ever before.

IPWorks Version 8.0 includes new features designed to greatly simplify development, requiring far less code and increasing overall maintainability. Enterprise features like IPv6 have been enabled to make your connectivity application compatible with current and future technologies. In addition, the new highly-evolved Version 8.0 core has been extended, updated, and optimized for each individually supported development technology.

The restructuring of Version 8.0 consolidates each editions technology support, closely aligning them with the needs of developers targeting specific platform technologies. These updates are reflected in the Version 8.0 upgrade path:

Previous IPWorks Edition   Upgrade Path
.NET, ASP.NET, .NET CF -> V8 .NET Edition

Combining .NET, ASP.NET, and .NET CF Editions, the new .NET Edition provides components for Winforms, Webforms, and Mobile .NET development in a single comprehensive edition.

Java Desktop, Java Server -> V8 Java Edition

The Java Edition combines the Java Desktop and Java Server components into a single Java Edition, enabling the integration of pure java connectivity into any Java/J2EE application.

ActiveX, Visual Basic, ASP -> V8 ActiveX/COM Edition

The new ActiveX Edition combines Visual Basic / ActiveX OCX's with new royalty-free Active Server Pages (ASP) distribution.

Delphi & C++ Builder -> V8 Delphi Edition & V8 C++ Builder Edition

The new CodeGear Delphi and C++ Builder Editions have been enhanced with support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2009.

C++ for Windows, Unix, Linux, or Mac OS X -> V8 C++ Edition

The new C++ Edition provides native C++ libraries for cross-platform development. The current release supports Win32, with updates for Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone etc., available in the following months.

For more information about the specific new features included in each Version 8.0 release, please visit www.nsoftware.com/ipworks/v8.

"We are excited to bring the powerful new components and feature enhancements of the V8 core to developers building native applications." said Eric Madariaga, Vice President of Marketing. "Our development and QA teams have made major improvements to component usability, design and performance, while working carefully to maintain a high level of backward compatibility. This release completes the migration of the current IPWorks product line to Version 8.0, however, stay tuned for similar /n software Integrator updates and new IPWorks releases targeting exciting new technologies in the coming months."

Fully-functional, 30-day trial versions of all /n software products are immediately available for download from the company website at www.nsoftware.com/download. The new releases of IPWorks, IPWorks SSL, IPWorks S/MIME, and IPWorks SNMP are currently available for purchase through Red Carpet Subscriptions (www.nsoftware.com/subscriptions). Red Carpet Subscriptions include a license for all /n software products as well as free updates and upgrades to all products during the subscription term, per developer licensing, free email technical support, and discounted renewals.

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