/n software Announces Partnership With Stature Software to Provide Enhanced Development Services to Customers

New partnership with Stature Software expands the range of choices available to /n software customers, beyond packaged software, to custom solutions from a trusted partner with a proven track record of success in developing Microsoft-centric solutions the leverage /n software technologies.

March 23rd 2009, Research Triangle Park, NC - /n software inc. (www.nsoftware.com), a leading provider of professional Internet development tools and components, today announced a strategic partnership with Stature Software. Stature Software is a global software development company focused on providing Microsoft-centric business applications and integration solutions for a wide range of businesses. Stature will offer custom application development and software services to /n software customers seeking to improve their business performance and enhance processes by leveraging investments in /n software communications technologies.

Stature is an agile, solution-driven software application development company focused on improving mid-sized business operations, offering high quality database, Web and Desktop Applications with reliable responsive customer service and excellent value. Stature's goal is to become a long-term strategic partner with each client and provide ongoing application development support that directly solves practical business problems and delivers a significant return on investment.

" /n software has always been a 'pure-play packaged-software provider', focusing on tools and components for secure connectivity and e-business integration, but over the years a growing number of customers have requested custom development solutions around our various offerings. " said Gent Hito, CEO of /n software. " Our new partnership with Stature allows us to better address their needs, while still maintaining our focus on package software solutions. With Stature Software, we are pleased to be able to introduce our customers to a trusted third-party, with many years of experience using our tools and components, and a continuing track of success stories under their belt. We firmly believe their ROI- focused development approach will provide excellent value to our customers. "

" Stature Software warrants its code against bugs for the life of the product, so the importance of quality components cannot be overstated. Stature has been an ardent supporter of all /n software components for years and is genuinely excited to partner as a custom development solution provider, " said Gregory Silvano, President of Stature Software. " Today's business applications are more dependent than ever on connectivity and Internet-awareness, so having a partner with the experience and credibility of /n software is a tremendous advantage to Stature and its customers. "

Stature Software
Stature is a successful global software development company with local teams available throughout the United States and internationally in Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Czech Republic, and Argentina. Our team consists of Microsoft .NET developers, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DBAs, graphic artists, CSS & Javascript gurus, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Software Project Managers. You can reach the company via email at info@staturesoftware.com, on the World Wide Web at www.staturesoftware.com , or by calling (888)782-8881.

About /n software
/n software is the market leader in software components for Communications and Security development. Founded in 1994, /n software (pronounced 'n software') is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. You can reach the company via email at info@nsoftware.com, on the World Wide Web at www.nsoftware.com, or by calling US: (800) 225-4190 or International: (919) 544-7070.


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