Introducing 4D Payments: The /n software Direct Integrator Business Has New Name, a New Brand, and Its Own Company

Credit card processing component business grows large enough to form its own company, adds new technology

January 24, 2017, Chapel Hill, NC - /n software Inc. (, a leading provider of professional Internet development components, today announced the launch of 4D Payments, Inc. ( The new company was formed in response to the rapid growth of /n software's Direct Payment Integrator line of credit card transaction components and demand for related technology.

The newly formed company will offer 4D Payments Gateway, a new product, and 4D Payments SDK, formerly Direct Payment Integrator. 4D Payments Gateway is a new lightweight Web server that hosts a flexible yet robust set of self-documenting Web APIs accessible via any programming language or environment capable of sending a HTTP request. It allows developers to easily implement payment processing functionality into their applications by communicating directly with major payment processors. 4D Payments SDK is the next version of /n software's Direct Payment Integrator components and allows developers to build their own gateway servers, POS software, or custom payment integrations.

The move came in response to growing demand for Direct Payment Integrator. "The formation of 4D Payments came in response to fast growing demand for our credit card processing components," said Gent Hito, President & CEO of /n software. "In fact, Direct Payment Integrator components are responsible for processing over $10 billion in transactions per year. 4D Payments will specialize in serving these developers. It is the next step in the evolution of Direct Payment Integrator."

Naim Sula will serve as the CEO of 4D Payments. He is an IT industry veteran who has played high-level technical and entrepreneurial roles. In 2003, Sula founded XSQL Software ( which provides database tools for a variety of platforms to thousands of users. He is using his expertise, background, and network to form a team dedicated to creating, maintaining and supporting technology for credit card processing. Sula commented, "By employing a team of focused engineers and support staff, 4D Payments will be able to better meet the demand of software developers that are building a payment gateway, a POS system, or a custom payment integration."

/n software will continue to provide support, expertise, and the base communications and security technology for 4D Payments products while 4D Payments, Inc. will drive the product life cycle and ensure top-level customer support.

4D Payments
4D Payments Inc. provides credit card processing components for integrating direct Internet payment processing into POS solutions, custom payment integration applications, payment processing gateway servers etc. The components are designed specifically for software developers and support all major processors such as First Data, Global Payment, Paymentech, Heartland and TSYS. The company is based in Atlanta, GA and you can reach them via email at, on the World Wide Web at, or by calling US: (800) 767-0284 or International: (770) 767-0772.

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