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E-Payment Integrator 2016 .NET Edition
E-Payment Integrator 2016 .NET Edition
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ICharge Component

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The ICharge component is used to authorize credit card transactions with any of the supported Internet Payment Gateways.




The ICharge component allows you to use multiple Internet Payment Gateways through one interface and one component. This allows for easy migration from one gateway to another, as well as quick integration into applications or web services.

The ICharge component allows your website to securely perform credit card transactions without the need to redirect to a third-party site. All transactions are accomplished through a secure HTTPS Post to any supported gateway. The secure response is received and then stored in the component's response properties. Any web site on a standard HTTP server or any stand-alone application can process transactions without the need for a secure server or third-party intervention.

The first thing you must do is select one of the many gateways supported by the ICharge component, and set up an account with that gateway vendor. Once you have an account set up with a valid (or test) login Id and password, you can use the ICharge component.

To begin, set the Gateway property to the gateway you wish to use. If this gateway supports an alternate URL to send test transactions to, set the GatewayURL at this time.

Next, set the MerchantLogin (and for some gateways the MerchantPassword). These are supplied by your gateway vendor when you set up an account.

Now you are ready to process transactions. For each transaction, you must set the Number, ExpMonth, ExpYear, and TransactionAmount properties. Most gateways will also require additional properties, such as Address, FirstName, LastName, InvoiceNumber, etc. Any additional required properties are listed in the Gateway property description.

Once these properties are set, you may run validity checks on the card data with the AVSOnly method, or simply authorize the transaction with the Sale method. If your Gateway supports it, you may also Void transactions that have not yet gone to settlement with the VoidTransaction method. Transactions that have already been settled may be refunded with the Credit method. Please note that some gateways use the Credit method for both voids and credits. See the transaction methods for more information.

The following gateways are supported by the ICharge component:

GatewayHome page
No Gateway (0) n/a
Authorize.Net AIM (1)
eProcessing Transparent Database Engine (2)
Intellipay ExpertLink (3)
iTransact RediCharge HTML (4)
NetBilling DirectMode (5)
Verisign PayFlow Pro (6)
USA ePay CGI Transaction Gateway (7)
Plug 'n Pay (8)
Planet Payment iPay (9)
MPCS (10)
RTWare (11)
ECX (12)
Bank of America (Global Gateway e4) (13)
Innovative Gateway (PHP) (14)
Merchant Anywhere (Transaction Central Classic) (15)
SkipJack (16)
3 Delta Systems (3DSI) EC-Linx (18)
TrustCommerce API (19)
PSIGate HTML (20)
PayFuse XML (ClearCommerce Engine) (21)
PayFlow Link (22)
Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway V5.6 (23)
LinkPoint (24)
Moneris eSelect Plus Canada (25)
uSight Gateway Post-Auth (26)This gateway is no longer in service.
Fast Transact VeloCT (Direct Mode) (27)
NetworkMerchants Direct-Post API (28)
Ogone DirectLink (29)
TransFirst Transaction Central Classic (formerly PRIGate) (30)
Merchant Partners (Transaction Engine) (31)
CyberCash (32)
First Data Global Gateway (Linkpoint) (33)
YourPay (Linkpoint) (34)
ACH Payments AGI (35)
Payments Gateway AGI / Forte (36)
Cyber Source SOAP API (37)
eWay XML API (Australia) (38)
goEmerchant XML (39)
TransFirst eLink (40)
Chase Merchant Services (Linkpoint) (41)
Thompson Merchant Services NexCommerce (iTransact mode) (42)
WorldPay Select Junior Invisible (43)
TransFirst Transaction Central Classic (44) (This is different from TransFirst eLink, supported above. The TransactionCentral gateway is also used by MerchantAnywhere and PRIGate)
PayJunction Trinity Gateway (46)
SECPay (United Kingdom) API Solution(47)
Payment Express PXPost (48)
Elavon/NOVA/My Virtual Merchant (49)
Sage Payment Solutions (Bankcard HTTPS Post protocol) (50)
SecurePay (Script API/COM Object Interface) (51)
Moneris eSelect Plus USA (52)
Beanstream Process Transaction API (53)
Verifi Direct-Post API (54)
SagePay Direct (Previously Protx) (55)
Merchant E-Solutions Payment Gateway (Trident API) (56)
PayLeap Web Services API (57) (Previously SECPay) API Solution (58)
Worldpay XML (Direct/Invisible) (59)
ProPay Merchant Services API (60)
Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) (61)
Heartland POS Gateway (62)
Litle / Vantiv Online Gateway (63)
BrainTree DirectPost (Server-to-Server Orange) Gateway (64)
JetPay Gateway (65)
HSBC XML API (ClearCommerce Engine) (66)
BluePay 2.0 Post (67)
Adyen API Payments (68)
Barclay ePDQ (DirectLink) (69)
PayTrace Payment Gateway (70)
YKC Gateway (71)
GoToBilling Gateway (73)
TransNational Bankcard (74)
Netbanx (75)
MIT (76)
DataCash (77)
ACH Federal (78)
Global Iris (HSBC) (79)
First Data Global Gateway E4 (80)
First Atlantic Commerce (81)
Bluefin (82)
Payscape (83)
Pay Direct (Link2Gov) (84)
Authorize.NET CIM (85)
5th Dimension Logistics (86)
WorldPay US Link Gateway (87)
3DSI Payment WorkSuite (88)
PSIGate XML (89)
First Data PayPoint (90)
ExPay Gateway (91)
Payvision Gateway (92)
Converge (formerly MyVirtualMerchant) (93)
Payeezy Gateway (formerly First Data E4) (94)
Monetra Gateway (95)
Authorize.NET AIM XML (96)
PhoeniXGate Gateway (97)
Repay Gateway (98)
Global Payroll Gateway (99)
PayWiser Gateway (100)
Veritas Gateway (101)
Stripe Gateway (102)
KartePay Gateway (103)
BlueSnap Gateway (104)

Property List

The following is the full list of the properties of the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AuthCodeAuthorization code from a previous transaction.
CardContains the customer's credit card information.
CustomerContains the customer's name, address, and other identifying information.
GatewayGateway to process transactions with.
GatewayURLDefault URL for a specific Gateway .
InvoiceNumberMerchant-generated invoice number.
Level2AggregateThe level 2 aggregate containing the data to be sent in the request.
Level3AggregateThe level 3 aggregate containing the data to be sent in the request.
MerchantLoginMerchant's Gateway login.
MerchantPasswordMerchant's Gateway password.
ProxyA set of properties related to proxy access.
ResponseContains the response to the authorization.
ShippingInfoContains the customer's shipping name, address, and other identifying information.
SpecialFieldsA list of additional fields to send in the request.
SSLAcceptServerCertInstructs the component to unconditionally accept the server certificate that matches the supplied certificate.
SSLCertThe certificate to be used during SSL negotiation.
SSLServerCertThe server certificate for the last established connection.
TestModeTurns test mode on and off for transactions sent to the current Gateway .
TimeoutA timeout for the component.
TransactionAmountPurchase amount for an authorization transaction.
TransactionDescDescription of goods purchased.
TransactionIdMerchant-generated transaction Id used for all transactions.

Method List

The following is the full list of the methods of the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AddSpecialFieldAdds a special field name and the corresponding value.
AuthOnlyInitiates an authorization-only request transaction.
AVSOnlyUsed to check the validity of the card without authorizing funds.
CaptureCaptures a previously authorized transaction.
ConfigSets or retrieves a configuration setting .
CreditCredits a customer's card.
DoEventsProcesses events from the internal message queue.
ForceUsed when authorization cannot be obtained online.
GetResponseVarParses additional information out of the response.
InterruptInterrupts the current action.
RefundRefunds a previously captured transaction.
ResetClears all properties to their default values.
ResetSpecialFieldsResets all special fields to the default settings.
SaleInitiates an Sale transaction (authorization and capture).
VoidTransactionVoids a previously authorized transaction.

Event List

The following is the full list of the events fired by the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ErrorInformation about errors during data delivery.
SSLServerAuthenticationFired after the server presents its certificate to the client.
SSLStatusShows the progress of the secure connection.

Configuration Settings

The following is a list of configuration settings for the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AdyenShopperInteractionSpecifies the sales channel the shopper gives their card details through.
AuthNetCIMProfileIdThe Profile ID assigned by Authorize.NET CIM gateway.
AuthNetCIMPaymentProfileIdThe Payment Profile ID assigned by Authorize.NET CIM gateway.
AuthNetTokenizedCardThe credit card token.
AuthNetCreateCIMProfileWhether to create a CIM Profile.
AuthNetCIMProfileResponseProfile creation response.
AuthNetCryptogramTokenized credit card cryptogram.
AuthNetCIMShippingAddressIdThe Shipping Address ID assigned by Authorize.NET CIM gateway.
BankNameName of the card issuer.
BarclayKeepTransactionOpenDetermines whether to perform a maintenance transaction that keeps the transaction open for further processing with the Barclay and Ogone gateways.
BarclayPartialRefundDetermines whether to send a partial or full refund transaction with the Barclay and Ogone gateways.
BlueSnapEnterpriseUdfsUser-Defined Fields (UDFs) to send with a BlueSnap Sale or AuthOnly request.
BlueSnapGetTokenRetrieves a new hosted payment fields token (pfToken) from BlueSnap.
BlueSnapRetrieveTransactionRetrieves a BlueSnap transaction.
BlueSnapTransactionMetaDataTransaction metadata to send with a BlueSnap Sale or AuthOnly request.
DataCash3DSCardholderRegisteredIndicates whether the cardholder was registered for 3D Secure for the DataCash gateway.
DataCashAuthOnlyFinalityIndicates whether an AuthOnly transaction should be treated as final for the DataCash gateway.
DataCashExtendedPolicyAggregateUsed to specify an XML aggregate for Extended Policies within the DataCash gateway.
ExPayGetMethodsUsed to send a GetMethods request to the ExPay gateway.
ExPayGetStatusUsed to send a GetStatus request to the ExPay gateway.
ExPayPaymentIdThe payment Id used to retrieve a transaction status for the ExPay gateway.
ExPayServiceIdThe Id of the service to use to perform an authorization for the ExPay gateway.
GlobalPayrollCreateTokenSends a create token request to the Global Payroll gateway.
GlobalPayrollTokenThe token value for a corresponding card when using the Global Payroll gateway.
PayvisionTransactionGuidThe GUID obtained with an authorization for the Payvision gateway.
PayWiserTokenizeCardWhether to generate a Token Reference Id.
PayWiserCardTokenThe token value for a corresponding card when using the PayWiser gateway.
PayWiserTokenReferenceIdThe token reference id for a corresponding card when using the PayWiser gateway.
PayWiserReserveReferenceIdThe reserve reference id returned by PayWiser after doing a Sale transaction.
PayWiserCaptureReferenceIdThe capture reference id returned by PayWiser after doing a Sale transaction.
PayWiserEMerchantPayDetermines whether to process the transaction via E-Merchant Pay Acquiring Bank.
PhoeniXGateProcessRecurringCreditDetermines whether to process the transaction via Credit Card Profile Id.
PhoeniXGateCardInfoKeyPhoeniXGate Gateway Credit Card Profile Id.
PhoeniXGateProcessTokenCreditDetermines whether to process the transaction using a Credit Card Token.
PhoeniXGateTokenModeIndicates the type of token that is being used for the transaction.
PhoeniXGateTokenPhoeniXGate Gateway Credit Card Token.
PhoeniXGateVoidModeIndicates whether to perform a Void or Reversal.
RepayProcessRecurringCreditDetermines whether to process the transaction via Credit Card Profile Id.
RepayCardInfoKeyRepay Gateway Credit Card Profile Id.
RepayProcessTokenCreditDetermines whether to process the transaction using a Credit Card Token.
RepayTokenModeIndicates the type of token that is being used for the transaction.
RepayTokenRepay Gateway Credit Card Token.
RepayVoidModeIndicates whether to perform a Void or Reversal.
StripeApplicationFeeA fee in cents that will be applied to the charge.
StripeDestinationAccountId of an existing, connected Stripe account.
StripeDestinationAmountThe amount to transfer to the destination account.
StripeOnBehalfOfThe Stripe account Id that these funds are intended for.
StripeRefundApplicationFeeWhether the application fee should be refunded when refunding the charge.
StripeRefundReasonReason for the refund.
StripeRefundReverseTransferWhether the transfer should be reversed when refunding the charge.
StripeShippingCarrierThe delivery service that shipped a physical product.
StripeShippingTrackingNumberThe tracking number for a physical product.
StripeTransferGroupIdentifies the transaction as part of a group.
VeritasBankNameName of the card issuer.
VeritasEncryptionKeyEncryption key used to encrypt credit card information.
VeritasVoidRefundReasonIdVeritas gateway void reason.
VeritasEncryptionKeyEncryption key used to encrypt credit card information.
VeritasTokenVeritas token.
AuthNetSplitTenderIdAuthorize.Net assigned id for partially authorized transactions.
AllowPartialAuthsSpecifies whether partial authorizations are allowed.
ApplePayDataThe Base-64 encoded data containing the encrypted payment data from Apple for use when performing Apple Pay transactions.
AuthenticationStatusIndicates whether a transaction qualifies as a ThreeDSecure (3DS) authenticated transaction.
CardholderPresentCodeSpecifies the way in which transaction took place.
CAVVCardholder Authentication Verification Value from a 3D Secure authentication.
CAVVResponseContains CAVV response value returned by the gateway.
CurrencyCodeCurrency code for the currency of the transaction.
CurrencyExponentCurrency exponent to be used in conjunction with the Currency code of the transaction.
DynamicDescriptorA merchant defined transaction description which appears on the customer's credit card statement.
HashSecretSecurity key used to generate a hash for gateways supporting such functionality.
MerchantAliasAn additional merchant property used to specify an alias for the merchant.
TerminalIdTerminal Id value sent in the transaction.
UserIdRequired field for the Barclay and OGone gateways.
XIDTransactionId from a 3D Secure authentication.
CyberSourceAuthTokenThe request token from a previous authorization for the CyberSource gateway.
CyberSourceProfileIdThe Id of a Customer's Profile stored within the CyberSource gateway.
CyberSourceVoidModeIndicates whether to perform a Void or Reversal.
FDMSCurrentBalanceContains the current card balance value returned in a response for the First Data E4, Payeezy, and Bank Of America gateways.
FDMSGiftCardTransactionTypeSpecifies the transaction type to perform on a gift card for the First Data E4, Payeezy, and Bank Of America gateways.
FDMSKeyIdThe Key Id that corresponds to the HMAC Key for the First Data E4, Payeezy, and Bank Of America gateways.
FDMSProcessGiftCardSpecifies whether the card being processed is a gift card for the First Data E4, Payeezy, and Bank Of America gateways.
FDMSTransArmorTokenThe Transarmor token that replaces a card number and used for transaction processing.
GlobalIrisRefundPasswordThe Refund password for the Global Iris gateway.
GoEMerchantUseGatewayIdIndicates whether to send a password or gateway Id for the GoEMerchant gateway.
HeartlandDeveloperIdOptional DeveloperId field used by the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandDeviceIdDeviceId field required by the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandLicenseIdLicenseId field required by the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandReversalAmountThe settlement amount to be used when performing a reversal for the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandShipDayShip day field required by the Heartland gateway e-commerce/direct marketing transactions.
HeartlandShipMonthShip month field required by the Heartland gateway e-commerce/direct marketing transactions.
HeartlandSiteIdSiteId field required by the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandSiteTraceOptional transaction identifier for the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandTokenMappingThe type of token to return when using Tokenization with the Heartland gateway.
HeartlandTokenValueUsed to retrieve or specify a Heartland token value.
HeartlandVersionNumberOptional VersionNumber field used by the Heartland gateway.
LitleCustomBillingAggregateUsed to specify an XML aggregate for Custom Billing support within the Litle gateway.
MerchantPartnersLast4DigitsThe last 4 digits of the card number for a transaction processed via the MerchantPartners gateway.
MerchantPartnersProfileIdThe profile Id to be used to process a transaction via the MerchantPartners or WorldPay Link gateways.
MITAESSeedIdThe Seed Id used to perform AES encryption for the MIT gateway.
MITBranchIdBranch reference number for the MIT gateway.
MITCompanyIdCompany reference number for the MIT gateway.
MITCountryCountry of operation for the MIT gateway.
MITEncryptionAlgorithmThe Encryption Algorithm to use with the MIT gateway.
MITEncryptionKeyThe Encryption Key to use with the MIT gateway.
MITRecurringSpecifies whether to perform a recurring transaction request for the MIT gateway.
MITTPOperationThe operation type for the MIT gateway.
MonerisNVPAPIIndicates whether to use the NVP API for the gwMoneris and gwMonerisUSA gateway.
MyVirtualMerchantTransactionTypeUsed to override the transaction type to send in a transaction for the MyVirtualMerchant and Converge gateways.
NetbanxAccountNumberAccount Number for the Netbanx gateway.
OrbitalAuthReversalIndicates whether to perform an authorization reversal when calling VoidTransaction for the Orbital gateway.
OrbitalTxRefIdxIndentifies the unique components of transactions that have been adjusted more than one time for the Orbital gateway.
OrbitalVoidAdjustedAmountSpecifies the amount to void from a previous authoization for the Orbital gateway.
PayDirectConvenienceFeeThe total convenience fee charged when using the PayDirect gateway.
PayDirectMerchantAmountThe MerchantAmount used by the PayDirect gateway.
PayDirectSettleMerchantCodeThe Settle Merchant Code required for authorization when using the PayDirect gateway.
PayFlowProInquirySubmits an Inquiry transaction to the PayFlowPro gateway.
PayFlowProTokenUsed specify a token to be used instead of card data for the Payflow Pro gateway.
PayFlowProUploadSubmits an Upload transaction to the PayFlowPro gateway.
PayJunctionUpdateAmountIndicates whether the capture method should send an update amount request when using the PayJunction gateway.
PayPointFreedomAPIIndicates whether to use the Freedom API for the gwPayPoint and gwSECPay gateways.
PayTraceAddPurchaseCardDataSends a Level3 request for the PayTrace gateway.
SagePayCreateTokenSends a create token request to the SagePay gateway.
SagePayRemoveTokenSends a remove token request to the SagePay gateway.
SagePayRequestTokenSpecifies whether to request a token when performing an Auth or Sale when using the SagePay gateway.
SagePayStoreTokenSpecifies whether to store a token when using the SagePay gateway.
SagePayTokenThe token value for a corresponding card when using the SagePay gateway.
SagePayRepeatPerforms a Repeat transaction for the SagePay gateway.
SagePayUseAbortIndicates whether to use Abort or Void for void transactions.
USAEPayPerformVoidReleaseSpecifies whether to perform a void or void:release transaction.
CardIssueNumberSpecial Issue Number used for Switch and Solo cards.
CardStartMonthUsed for some international cards.
CardStartYearUsed for some international cards.
ConvenienceFeeThe total convenience fee charged for a transaction.
CyberSourceXMLEscapeDetermines whether to XML escape the CyberSource gateway request field values.
ECIElectronic Commerce Indicator.
MerchantCodeRequired field for the Litle and MIT gateways, and optional field for the WorldPayXML gateway.
MyVirtualMerchantUserIdThe MyVirtualMerchant user Id as configured on VirtualMerchant.
NetBillingVersionThe Version to be sent in the User-Agent heading of a NetBilling gateway request.
OrbitalConnectionPasswordOrbital Connection Password field used by the Orbital gateway.
OrbitalConnectionUsernameOrbital Connection Username field used by the Orbital gateway.
OrbitalCustomerProfileFromOrderIndCustomer Profile Number generation Options for the Orbital gateway.
OrbitalCustomerProfileOrderOverrideIndIndicator to specify how the CustomerId is leveraged to populate other data sets for the Orbital gateway.
PaymentWorkSuiteClientCodeThe 3DSI assigned client code sent in a request to the PaymentWorksuite gateway.
PaymentWorkSuiteLocationCodeThe 3DSI assigned location code sent in a request to the PaymentWorksuite gateway.
PaymentWorkSuiteMerchantCodeThe 3DSI assigned merchant code sent in a request to the PaymentWorksuite gateway.
PayTraceIntegratorIdUsed to specify the Integrator Id value assigned by the PayTrace gateway.
PayerIPThe IP address of the payer.
RawRequestReturns the data that was sent to the gateway.
RawResponseReturns the data that was received from the gateway.
ValidateCardNumberDetermines whether data set to the CardNumber or MagneticStripe property is validated.
XPathProvides a way to point to a specific element in the returned XML or JSON response.
XTextThe text of the current element.
XElementThe name of the current element.
XChildrenCountThe number of child elements of the current element.
XChildrenName[x]The name of the child element.
XChildrenXText[x]The inner text of the child element.
AcceptEncodingUsed to tell the server which types of content encodings the client supports.
AllowHTTPCompressionThis property enables HTTP compression for receiving data.
AllowHTTPFallbackWhether HTTP/2 connections are permitted to fallback to HTTP/1.1.
AppendWhether to append data to LocalFile.
AuthorizationThe Authorization string to be sent to the server.
BytesTransferredContains the number of bytes transferred in the response data.
EncodeURLIf set to true the URL will be encoded by the component.
FollowRedirectsDetermines what happens when the server issues a redirect.
GetOn302RedirectIf set to true the component will perform a GET on the new location.
HTTPVersionThe version of HTTP used by the component.
IfModifiedSinceA date determining the maximum age of the desired document.
KeepAliveDetermines whether the HTTP connection is closed after completion of the request.
LogLevelThe level of detail that is logged.
MaxRedirectAttemptsLimits the number of redirects that are followed in a request.
NegotiatedHTTPVersionThe negotiated HTTP version.
OtherHeadersOther headers as determined by the user (optional).
ProxyAuthorizationThe authorization string to be sent to the proxy server.
ProxyAuthSchemeThe authorization scheme to be used for the proxy.
ProxyPasswordA password if authentication is to be used for the proxy.
ProxyPortPort for the proxy server (default 80).
ProxyServerName or IP address of a proxy server (optional).
ProxyUserA user name if authentication is to be used for the proxy.
TransferredDataThe contents of the last response from the server.
TransferredDataLimitThe maximum number of incoming bytes to be stored by the component.
TransferredHeadersThe full set of headers as received from the server.
UseChunkedEncodingEnables or Disables HTTP chunked encoding for transfers.
ChunkSizeSpecifies the chunk size in bytes when using chunked encoding.
UserAgentInformation about the user agent (browser).
KerberosSPNThe Service Principal Name for the Kerberos Domain Controller.
ConnectionTimeoutSets a separate timeout value for establishing a connection.
FirewallAutoDetectTells the component whether or not to automatically detect and use firewall system settings, if available.
FirewallHostName or IP address of firewall (optional).
FirewallPasswordPassword to be used if authentication is to be used when connecting through the firewall.
FirewallPortThe TCP port for the FirewallHost;.
FirewallTypeDetermines the type of firewall to connect through.
FirewallUserA user name if authentication is to be used connecting through a firewall.
KeepAliveTimeThe inactivity time in milliseconds before a TCP keep-alive packet is sent.
KeepAliveIntervalThe retry interval, in milliseconds, to be used when a TCP keep-alive packet is sent and no response is received.
LingerWhen set to True, connections are terminated gracefully.
LingerTimeTime in seconds to have the connection linger.
LocalHostThe name of the local host through which connections are initiated or accepted.
LocalPortThe port in the local host where the component binds.
MaxLineLengthThe maximum amount of data to accumulate when no EOL is found.
MaxTransferRateThe transfer rate limit in bytes per second.
ProxyExceptionsListA semicolon separated list of hosts and IPs to bypass when using a proxy.
TCPKeepAliveDetermines whether or not the keep alive socket option is enabled.
UseIPv6Whether to use IPv6.
TcpNoDelayWhether or not to delay when sending packets.
CACertFilePathsThe paths to CA certificate files when using Mono on Unix/Linux.
ReuseSSLSessionDetermines if the SSL session is reused.
SSLCipherStrengthThe minimum cipher strength used for bulk encryption.
SSLEnabledProtocolsUsed to enable/disable the supported security protocols.
SSLIncludeCertChainWhether the entire certificate chain is included in the SSLServerAuthentication event.
SSLProviderThe name of the security provider to use.
SSLSecurityFlagsFlags that control certificate verification.
SSLEnabledCipherSuitesThe cipher suite to be used in an SSL negotiation.
TLS12SignatureAlgorithmsDefines the allowed TLS 1.2 signature algorithms when UseInternalSecurityAPI is True.
OpenSSLCADirThe path to a directory containing CA certificates.
OpenSSLCAFileName of the file containing the list of CA's trusted by your application.
OpenSSLCipherListA string that controls the ciphers to be used by SSL.
OpenSSLPrngSeedDataThe data to seed the pseudo random number generator (PRNG).
AbsoluteTimeoutDetermines whether timeouts are inactivity timeouts or absolute timeouts.
FirewallDataUsed to send extra data to the firewall.
InBufferSizeThe size in bytes of the incoming queue of the socket.
OutBufferSizeThe size in bytes of the outgoing queue of the socket.
CodePageThe system code page used for Unicode to Multibyte translations.

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