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IP*Works! SSH 2016 .NET Edition
IP*Works! SSH 2016 .NET Edition
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SFTP Component

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The SFTP component can be used to transfer files to and from SFTP servers using the SFTP Protocol.




The SFTP component is the SSH-enabled equivalent of the IP*Works! FTP component. The SSHHost and SSHPort properties specify the SSH server to use. The SSHUser and SSHPassword properties allow the client to authenticate itself with the server. The SSHServerAuthentication event and/or SSHAcceptServerHostKey property allow you to check the server identity. Finally, the SSHStatus event provides information about the SSH handshake.

The SFTP component implements a standard SSH File Transfer client.

The first step in using the component is specifying the SSHHost, SSHUser and SSHPassword. The file to upload to or download from is given by the RemoteFile property. The file to download to or upload from is specified by LocalFile. The current path in the server is specified by the RemotePath property.

If LocalFile is set to something other than an empty string, then files are received in LocalFile, otherwise the data is received through the Transfer event. StartTransfer and EndTransfer are fired at the beginning and end of transmission.

Directory listings are received through the DirList event.

Property List

The following is the full list of the properties of the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ConnectedTriggers a connection or disconnection.
DirListCollection of entries resulting in the last directory listing.
FileAttributesThe attributes of the RemoteFile .
FileExistsReturns true if the file specified by RemoteFile exists on the remote server.
FirewallA set of properties related to firewall access.
IdleThe current status of the component.
LocalFileThe path to a local file for download/upload. If the file exists, it is overwritten.
LocalHostThe name of the local host or user-assigned IP interface through which connections are initiated or accepted.
LocalPortThe TCP port in the local host where IPPort binds.
OverwriteWhether or not the component should overwrite files during transfer.
RemoteFileThe name of the remote file for uploading, downloading, etc.
RemotePathThe current path in the SFTP server.
SSHAcceptServerHostKeyInstructs the component to accept the server host key that matches the supplied key.
SSHAuthModeThe authentication method to be used the component when calling SSHLogon .
SSHCertA certificate to be used for authenticating the SSHUser .
SSHCompressionAlgorithmsA comma-separated list containing all allowable compression algorithms.
SSHEncryptionAlgorithmsA comma-separated list containing all allowable compression algorithms.
SSHHostThe address of the SSH host.
SSHPasswordThe password for SSH password-based authentication.
SSHPortThe port on the SSH server where the SSH service is running; by default, 22.
SSHUserThe username for SSH authentication.
StartByteThe offset in bytes at which to begin the Upload or Download.
TimeoutA timeout for the component.

Method List

The following is the full list of the methods of the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AppendAppend data from LocalFile to a remote file RemoteFile on an SFTP server.
ConfigSets or retrieves a configuration setting .
DecodePacketDecodes a hex-encoded SSH packet.
DeleteFileRemove a file specified by FileName from an SFTP server.
DoEventsProcesses events from the internal message queue.
DownloadDownload a RemoteFile from an SFTP server.
EncodePacketHex encodes an SSH packet.
GetSSHParamUsed to read a field from an SSH packet's payload.
GetSSHParamBytesUsed to read a field from an SSH packet's payload.
InterruptInterrupt the current method.
ListDirectoryList the current directory specified by RemotePath on an SFTP server.
MakeDirectoryCreate a directory on an SFTP server.
QueueFileAdds a file to the transfer queue.
RemoveDirectoryRemove a directory specified by DirName from an SFTP server.
RenameFileChange the name of RemoteFile to NewName .
ResetReset the component.
ResetQueueResets the queue of files to be transferred.
SetDownloadStreamSets the stream to which the downloaded data from the server will be written.
SetSSHParamUsed to write a field to the end of a payload.
SetUploadStreamSets the stream from which the component will read data to upload to the server.
SSHLogoffLogoff from the SSH server.
SSHLogonLogon to the SSHHost using the current SSHUser and SSHPassword .
UpdateFileAttributesInstructs the component to send the FileAttributes to the server.
UploadUpload a file specified by LocalFile to an SFTP server.

Event List

The following is the full list of the events fired by the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

ConnectedFired immediately after a connection completes (or fails).
ConnectionStatusFired to indicate changes in connection state.
DirListFired when a directory entry is received.
DisconnectedFired when a connection is closed.
EndTransferFired when a file completes downloading/uploading.
ErrorInformation about errors during data delivery.
SSHCustomAuthFired when the component is doing custom authentication.
SSHKeyboardInteractiveFired when the component receives a request for user input from the server.
SSHServerAuthenticationFired after the server presents its public key to the client.
SSHStatusShows the progress of the secure connection.
StartTransferFired when a file starts downloading/uploading.
TransferFired during file download/upload.

Configuration Settings

The following is a list of configuration settings for the component with short descriptions. Click on the links for further details.

AllowBackslashInNameWhether backslashes are allowed in folder and file names.
FiletimeFormatSpecifies the format to use when returning filetime strings.
IgnoreFileMaskCasingControls whether or not the file mask is case sensitive.
LocalEOLWhen TransferMode is set, this specifies the line ending for the local system.
ServerEOLWhen TransferMode is set, this specifies the line ending for the remote system.
MaxFileDataSpecifies the maximum payload size of an SFTP packet.
ProtocolVersionThe highest allowable SFTP version to use.
PreserveFileTimePreserves the file's timestamps during transfer.
TransferModeThe transfer mode (ASCII or Binary).
UseServerFileTimeControls if the file time returned from the server is converted to local time or not.
ReadLinkThis settings returns the target of a specified symbolic link.
RealTimeUploadEnables real time uploading.
RealTimeUploadAgeLimitThe age limit in seconds when using RealTimeUpload.
SimultaneousTransferLimitThe maximum number of simultaneous file transfers.
TransferredDataLimitSpecifies the maximum number of bytes to download from the remote file.
ClientSSHVersionStringThe SSH version string used by the component.
SignedSSHCertThe CA signed client public key used when authenticating.
SSHAcceptServerCAKeyThe CA public key that signed the server's host key.
SSHAcceptAnyServerHostKeyIf set the component will accept any key presented by the server.
SSHAcceptServerHostKeyFingerPrintThe fingerprint of the server key to accept.
SSHKeyExchangeAlgorithmsSpecifies the supported key exchange algorithms.
SSHMacAlgorithmsSpecifies the supported Mac algorithms.
SSHPublicKeyAlgorithmsSpecifies the supported public key algorithms.
SSHKeepAliveIntervalThe interval between keep alive packets.
SSHKeepAliveCountMaxThe maximum number of keep alive packets to send without a response.
SSHKeyRenegotiateCauses the component to renegotiate the SSH keys.
KeyRenegotiationThresholdSets the threshold for the SSH Key Renegotiation.
SSHPubKeyAuthSigAlgorithmsSpecifies the signature algorithm when attempting public key authentication.
KerberosRealmThe fully qualified domain name of the Kerberos Realm to use for GSSAPI authentication.
KerberosDelegationIf true, asks for credentials with delegation enabled during authentication.
KerberosSPNThe Kerberos Service Principal Name of the SSH host.
LogSSHPacketsIf true, detailed SSH packet logging is performed.
MaxPacketSizeThe maximum packet size of the channel, in bytes.
MaxWindowSizeThe maximum window size allowed for the channel, in bytes.
PasswordPromptThe text of the password prompt used in keyboard-interactive authentication.
PreferredDHGroupBitsThe size (in bits) of the preferred modulus (p) to request from the server.
RecordLengthThe length of received data records.
ConnectionTimeoutSets a separate timeout value for establishing a connection.
FirewallAutoDetectTells the component whether or not to automatically detect and use firewall system settings, if available.
FirewallHostName or IP address of firewall (optional).
FirewallPasswordPassword to be used if authentication is to be used when connecting through the firewall.
FirewallPortThe TCP port for the FirewallHost;.
FirewallTypeDetermines the type of firewall to connect through.
FirewallUserA user name if authentication is to be used connecting through a firewall.
KeepAliveTimeThe inactivity time in milliseconds before a TCP keep-alive packet is sent.
KeepAliveIntervalThe retry interval, in milliseconds, to be used when a TCP keep-alive packet is sent and no response is received.
LingerWhen set to True, connections are terminated gracefully.
LingerTimeTime in seconds to have the connection linger.
LocalHostThe name of the local host through which connections are initiated or accepted.
LocalPortThe port in the local host where the component binds.
MaxLineLengthThe maximum amount of data to accumulate when no EOL is found.
MaxTransferRateThe transfer rate limit in bytes per second.
ProxyExceptionsListA semicolon separated list of hosts and IPs to bypass when using a proxy.
TCPKeepAliveDetermines whether or not the keep alive socket option is enabled.
UseIPv6Whether to use IPv6.
TcpNoDelayWhether or not to delay when sending packets.
AbsoluteTimeoutDetermines whether timeouts are inactivity timeouts or absolute timeouts.
FirewallDataUsed to send extra data to the firewall.
InBufferSizeThe size in bytes of the incoming queue of the socket.
OutBufferSizeThe size in bytes of the outgoing queue of the socket.
CodePageThe system code page used for Unicode to Multibyte translations.

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