SIP Library

A simple VoIP library that supports common SIP and IVR operations. Create advanced CTI applications for both individual and conference call solutions.

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Beta 2 Is Now Available! Featuring attended transfer, improved noise suppression, streamlined call recording in all editions, and more!

SIP Library

VoIP Components

IPWorks VoIP provides SIP and IVR components designed to facilitate common VoIP operations in your CTI applications. Quickly integrate functionality to establish outgoing calls, accept incoming calls, and route calls based on your custom IVR menus. Additional SIP features such as text-to-speech, playing pre-recorded messages, call recording, and inbound call transfers (either blind or attended). IPWorks VoIP also supports conference calls, with functions such as List, Join, Leave, Mute, and others available. IPWorks VoIP is compatible with both on-premises SIP servers and hosted SIP providers.

Whether your telephony needs are simple or complex, IPWorks VoIP is an ideal toolkit for building CTI applications, including automated notification services, dial-for-information numbers, and customer self-service.

Intuitive API

Make and receive calls with only a few lines of code. The API is designed with simplicity in mind.

Standard Softphone Features

Full support for common operations including Call, Answer, Hangup, Hold, Blind Transfer, Attended Transfer, and more.


Existing text can be easily converted and played during a call. Playback of .wav files is also supported.

Conferencing Support

Easily manage conferencing with simple operations to List, Join, and Leave conferences.

Create IVR Menus

Create custom IVR menus and route calls to pre-recorded messages or other inbound destinations.

Uniform & Extensible Design

Very easy to use, with a uniform, intuitive, and extensible design. Common component interfaces across platforms and technologies.

Red Carpet Vol. 1 2023 Now Available

Cloud SMS Beta, IPWorks VoIP Beta, .NET 7, PKI Proxy and more

New and updated Red Carpet Subscription toolkits and products are now available. We are introducing Cloud SMS, IPWorks VoIP, and PKI Proxy. FIPS 140-2 compliance has been added to S3 Drive, SFTP Drive, and SFTP Server. New JAdES components and .NET MAUI support have been added to SecureBlackBox. All .NET editions now support .NET 7.

Download IPWorks VoIP or read the update highlights.

Product Features

  • Support for standard softphone features including Call, Answer, Hangup, Hold, and more.
  • Supports both blind transfer and consultation hold (attended transfer).
  • Text-to-speech support.
  • Streamlined recording of calls in all editions.
  • A complete unified framework with a common, easy-to-learn object model and simplified interfaces enable you to do more.
  • Support for conferencing operations.
  • List and select available microphones and speakers.
  • Playback .wav files from within a call.
  • Create interactive menus and route inbound calls.
  • Components are thread-safe on critical members.
  • Fast, robust, reliable components that consume minimal resources.
  • Native development components for all supported platforms and technologies.
  • Rigorously tested, rock solid libraries that have undergone hundreds of thousands of hours of testing both internally by our QA team and externally through customer installations.
  • Detailed reference documentation, sample applications, fully-indexed help files, and an extensive online knowledge base.
  • Backed by multi-tier professional support, including free email support and enterprise-level paid support.

Supported Platforms


Managed .NET Components

Fully-managed .NET components. The edition of choice for fully-managed .NET applications.

  • Managed .NET components built atop our high-performance shared codebase.
  • .NET Standard 2.0 and 2.1 support.
  • Support for .NET 7, .NET 6, .NET 5, .NET Core 3.1, and earlier.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • Seamless integration with Visual Studio.
  • Support for .NET Framework 2.0 - 4.8.
  • Extensive demo applications written in C#.


C++ Class Libraries (Windows)

C++ classes packaged in 32-bit & 64-bit Windows DLLs. The edition of choice for C++ programming.

  • 32-bit & 64-bit C++ class libraries (Windows DLLs).
  • Static libraries for additional deployment options.
  • Extensive console demo applications.
  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • Seamless integration with popular development environments including Microsoft Visual C++.


Delphi VCL Components

Native Delphi VCL components with no external dependencies. It features the same trustworthy components that come with other editions, available as native Delphi VCLs for real Delphi performance.

  • Native Delphi VCL components.
  • Extensive Delphi demo applications.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • Support for all Delphi versions between Delphi 6 and RAD Studio 11.

C++ Builder

C++ Builder VCL's

Native C++ Builder components, written in C++ and compiled with the C++ Builder compiler for blazing performance. The natural choice for C++ Builder programming.

C++ Builder
  • Native C++ Builder components.
  • Extensive C++ Builder demo applications.
  • Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
  • x86 and x64 platform support.
  • Support for all C++ Builder versions between C++ Builder 2009 and RAD Studio 11.


Python modules (Windows)

Python modules for Windows featuring the same trustworthy components that come with other editions, available for use in Python 3.

  • Python modules for Windows.
  • Support for Python 3.
  • Extensive console demo applications.
  • Easy installation using PIP.
  • Demo applications and comprehensive documentation.


Qt Class Libraries for Windows

High-performance Qt classes packaged in 32-bit & 64-bit Windows DLLs. The edition of choice for Qt development.

  • 32-bit & 64-bit C++ class libraries (Windows DLLs).
  • Support for Qt 4.8 and Qt 5.
  • Seamless integration with Qt Creator.

Components for VoIP

The following components are included in IPWorks VoIP. Please note that due to platform limitations, not all components are available in all editions.

Included Demos

The following demos are installed with the product. Please Download the trial to get started.

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