Version 2024 Updates

We are pleased to announce the full release of IPWorks 2024, SecureBlackbox 2024 and many other products. Our team has been hard at work delivering the most significant release in recent years. In this update guide, we provide an overview of all updates. We welcome you to download the latest version of all products and try them for yourself.

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If you are upgrading from a previous version, please review the Upgrade Guide for details on API changes and other updates, which may help while upgrading your project.



IPWorks 2024 is the latest version of our flagship product and contains many core improvements for security and performance which apply to all other IPWorks products. Below are a few of the new features and updates.

Security Updates

Several new security features have been added to IPWorks to round out the supported functionality in the toolkit. TLS-related settings have been updated across the board to increase security, such as enabling TLS session re-use by default in FTP, enabling EMS (Extended Master Secret) by default, and updating the list of ciphers used when the SSLProvider is set to Internal. CertMgr has been updated with new CheckCRL and CheckOCSP methods which add support for additional certificate validation mechanisms.

CardDAV, CalDAV and WebDAV Updates

The new CardDAV component allows management of address books and their contacts. Capabilities include creation, deletion, updating, listing, copying, and moving of contacts and address books. The CalDAV component has been updated with support for listing calendars. The WebDAV component has been updated with new options for file data handling and more.


Updated support for encryption and authentication make SecureBlackbox 2024 the most complete solution to date. All applicable components have also been updated with support for PKI Proxy.

Security Updates

Full support for PGP version 6 is now available, which includes EdDSA keys and AEAD encryption. All SAML components have been improved to provide greater flexibility and align with modern SAML solutions. Any PRNG, either internal or external, is now backed by the industry-standard Fortuna algorithm with an option for transparent fallback to the system PRNG functions.

PDF and XML Signing

PDF and XML signing has been improved by large scale improvements in the AdES engine for simpler processing of LTA documents. The latest version of SecureBlackbox provides the most comprehensive support for PDF and XML signing functionality, while also maintaining interoperability with all other popular solutions in use today. SecureBlackbox 2024 makes PDF and XML signing easier and more flexible than ever before.

DTLS Support

The new IPWorks DTLS toolkit is a simple, easy-to-use DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) client and server library. Support for DTLS has also been integrated into several existing products and components. DTLS support is available in the following toolkits and components:

Expanded Encryption Support

Encryption options have been expanded across a number of products. The latest update brings more options to more platforms.

PGP Version 6

IPWorks PGP has been updated with full support for PGP version 6. Key management, signing and encrypting have all been updated with support for PGP version 6. The latest release provides complete flexibility over all operations, allowing compatibility with existing solutions as well as support for the more modern version 6 functionality.

New Argon2 Component

The new Argon2 component in IPWorks Encrypt implements the Argon2 cryptographic hashing function designed for password hashing. All three algorithm variations are supported (2d, 2i, and 2id). The component supports advanced configuration options which allow for complete control, such as the number of lanes, associated data, and more.

New OSDP Component

The OSDP component (Operating System Data Protection) in IPWorks Encrypt provides a cross-platform solution for protecting data using operating system mechanisms such as DPAPI on Windows and the Keychain on macOS.

New Authentication Options

Authentication support has been improved and modernized across the board. The latest version provides the most up-to-date authentication support, while providing the easiest to use and most intuitive API.

Cloud Identity

The new Cloud Identity toolkit provides a way to add SSO login to your web application. Components for OpenID Connect and SAML simplify the integration to identity providers such as Microsoft, Google, and any others that support OpenID Connect or SAML. Support for WebAuthn/FIDO2 is coming soon!

IPWorks Auth

The Kerberos component in IPWorks Auth now supports krb5.conf files and the DIR cache type. The OpenID component has been refreshed with improvements making it even easier to use. The RADIUS component has also been updated to include DTLS support for added security.

Additional Updates

Additional updates provide new functionality and features across the board. Some of these updates include:

  • IPWorks EDI has been updated with ENTSOG v4 support in AS4, and now includes a SFTPServer component.
  • The Cloud Mail toolkit has been updated with support for listing and managing contacts in Office365 and Gmail, improved attachment handling, and simplified authentication.
  • Cloud Storage includes simplified authentication, updated functionality for Azure and other providers, and additional configuration options.
  • PHP editions have been updated with Foreign Function Interface (FFI) support which simplifies deployment by eliminating the need for an extension.

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