What's New in SecureBlackbox 2020

The latest version of SecureBlackbox has been carefully redesigned and extensively improved. This guide is intended to help answer common questions existing users may have when upgrading to the new version.



The most significant change for 2020 is the redesigned API. The new API is simpler than previous versions, and is more consistent with existing /n software products. The API principals that have made /n software the leading Internet tools vendor have been applied to SecureBlackbox 2020 in order to enrich and streamline the development experience. As a result, the latest version is easier to use and will make building products using our tools even faster.
Highlights of this update include:

Secure Transports
  • Full TLS 1.3 support
  • Faster and more secure FTP and SFTP
  • Support for new ciphers, including EdDSA (ed25519 and ed448)
  • DNS over TLS
  • Simple certificate authentication
Digital Signatures and PKI
  • Updated PDF, XAdES, and ASiC components
  • Client and server-side KMIP components
  • Redesigned Distributed Cryptography functionality
Server Components
  • Plug-and-play FTP, HTTP, REST, and SFTP servers
  • Ready-to-use OCSP and TSP servers for PKI
  • SAML identity and service provision servers
  • Simple customization and virtualization

Supported Platforms

All previously supported platforms are still supported. In the future, many more platforms will be supported as well. At the time of this writing the supported platforms are:

  • Delphi (NG/FMX)
  • C++ Builder
  • .NET/.NET Standard
  • Java
  • Android
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Kotlin
  • Python

Advanced Functionality

The new API is designed to be simple to use and focuses on the most widely used functionality. The component defaults are designed to remove the inefficiencies of choosing each individual option, allowing you to focus your efforts on larger project goals. More advanced functionality is available through the Config method of the components. If you require functionality that does not appear to be present in the current version, please contact our support team.

Distributed Crypto (DC)

The distributed cryptography functionality has been redesigned for modern environments. The Java applet is no longer included since the technology itself is deprecated. A new DCAuth component provides the same functionality for all private key-side elements. Keep an eye out for more updates in this area in the near future.

Source Code Availability

Source code will be available for select editions as a separate purchase. Please contact sales@nsoftware.com for more details.

Support Options

The same experienced team of professionals will continue to provide support. To get in touch with our support team, you may either submit an issue or e-mail us at support@nsoftware.com.

We appreciate your feedback.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this article please contact our support team at kb@nsoftware.com.