Red Carpet Subscription Vol. 1 2022

Our team has been hard at work over the last several months, developing new products and enhancing our existing offerings with many exciting new features. Highlights of this latest update include:

  • IPWorks 2022 Betas are now available
  • Cloud Mail is now shipping
  • ShareFile Cloud Storage support
  • EDI validation components
  • SecureBlackbox 2022 Betas
  • SFTP Drive V3

IPWorks 2022

IPWorks 2022 betas are now available on all platforms. The latest version of our development libraries have been updated and improved with a focus on modern programming environments and design patterns. Features include a new .NET async version, HTTP/3 support, improved certificate handling across platforms and more. Betas for all products will be available soon!

IPWorks IPWorks WebSockets
IPWorks SSH IPWorks Auth
IPWorks Zip IPWorks EDI
IPWorks Encrypt IPWorks IoT
IPWorks OpenPGP IPWorks MQ
IPWorks X12 IPWorks gRPC


Cloud Mail is now shipping. Cloud Mail simplifies sending, receiving and managing mail using popular cloud services. Cloud Mail supports modern authentication and security options including OAuth. Supported providers include:

  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook Mail)
  • Amazon SES
  • Gmail

SecureBlackbox 2022

SecureBlackbox 2022 betas are now available. The latest version has been updated with even more functionality, including:

  • SAML components greatly improved with additional configuration and compatibility (Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and SPID providers).
  • HTTPClient updated with Kerberos and NTLM support
  • ECDSA, RSA/SHA-256, and EdDSA support added in SSH, PGP, TLS and DTLS components
  • Enhanced support for PDF widget formatting
  • Redesigned DCAuth component for improved flexibility and certificate handling
  • Refined API for improved useability

SFTP Drive

SFTP Drive V3 is now shipping. The latest version of SFTP Drive V3 has been updated with an improved user experience, additional configuration options, and core performance upgrades. New features include:

  • Optional caching support for optimized file transfers
  • Support for mounting and unmounting individual drives
  • Quickly copy drives at the click of a button
  • Performance improvements across the board
  • Import and export settings

Additional Releases

Other notable releases included in the update:

  • New ShareFile Cloud Storage component
  • New EDI validation components
  • RAD Studio 11.1 support
  • Visual Studio 2022 support
  • .NET 6 support
  • SSH support for SHA-256 public key algorithms
  • PHP 8.1 support